Friday, November 26, 2021

FREE Bestseller Book Marketing & PR E-Book: 2022, an award-winning book publishing blog, will surpass several milestones by the end of 2021: 10 years, 4000 posts, 3,000,000 clicks. But what is most impressive for me is hearing from fellow writers and industry professionals.


They thank me for continuing to put out insightful, quality, timely, and comprehensive content – with a bit of my Brooklyn attitude -- that informs, enlightens, and inspires writers to successfully market their brands and promote their books. 


With over 30 years of experience as a book marketer, editor, promoter, and writer, I am delighted to continue to help others navigate through the world of books and media.  Below are the very best book marketing blog posts of the past year, each inspired by my work with over 1,000 authors, ranging from indie-published, self-published, and traditional best-selling authors. 


I hope you find the posts below enjoyable. They are relevant to authors of all genres, from non-fiction to poetry, and from fiction to children’s books. Collectively, this gathering of dozens of popular posts combines to form the equivalent of a free bestseller book marketing & PR e-book for 2022.


Please feel free to share them with others. Should you need one-on-one help with your book publishing and marketing needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to me at  


May today be your next step towards fulfilling your publishing dreams. 


Chapter 1: This Is Exactly How Authors Sell More Books


Chapter 2: Why Authors Must Beg, Trade or Demand Social Media Connections


Chapter 3: Are You Atop The Book Marketing Pyramid?


Chapter 4: How Should Authors Spend Their Book Marketing Dollars?


Chapter 5: Boring Headlines Kill Books: Are You A Killer?


Chapter 6: Great Book Marketing Podcast Interview With Book PR Pro Brian Feinblum


  Chapter 7:  The Most Popular Author Interviews of the Year!


  Chapter 8: The Author As Entrepreneur: 17 Tips &  Resources


Chapter 9: How To Be More Focused, Productive & Happier


Chapter 10: Is Social Media A Bust Or Boon For Authors?


Chapter 11: How Can Authors Market More Efficiently?


Chapter 12: Why Authors Should Not Lose Hope


Chapter 13: Here’s Why Authors Need A Dominatrix!


Chapter 14: Why Authors Don’t Get What They Want


Chapter 15: How Much Should Authors Spend On Book Marketing?


Chapter 16: How Can Authors Increase Their Web Traffic?


Chapter 17: Don’t Pardon Book Industry Scoundrels, Failures, & Losers


Chapter 18: What’s Your Book Marketing Plan B?


Chapter 19: Book Marketing Expert Brian Feinblum Interviewed By The Toronto Business Journal


Chapter 20: The Ultimate 2021 Book Marketing Toolkit


Chapter 21: 2020 Book Marketing & PR Toolkit


Chapter 22: Are Poor Book Sales Preventable?


Chapter 23: How Should Authors Answer The Social Media Question?


Chapter 24: Can Authors Sell Books Doing This?


Chapter 25: Do You Have A Daily Book Marketing Plan?


Chapter 26: Will You Take A Writer’s Oath?


Chapter 27: Which Social Media Platform Should Authors Use?


Chapter 28: Authors, Why Don’t You Have A Business Card Or A Website?


Chapter 29: Will You Take The Writer’s Oath?


Chapter 30: Do Some Libraries Encourage Lawlessness & Literacy?


Chapter 31: Avoid These 7 Book Marketing Sins


Chapter 32: Will You Protect Books Against Bans, Censorship, & Cancellations?


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Brian Feinblum, the founder of this award-winning blog, can be reached at He is available to help authors promote their story, sell their book, and grow their brand. He has 30 years of experience in successfully helping thousands of authors in all genres.

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Brian Feinblum should be followed on Twitter @theprexpert. This is copyrighted by BookMarketingBuzzBlog ©2021. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he now resides in Westchester with his wife, two kids, and Ferris, a black lab rescue dog. His writings are often featured in The Writer and IBPA’s The Independent.  This was named one of the best book marketing blogs by BookBaby and recognized by Feedspot in 2018 as one of the top book marketing blogs. It was also named by as a "best resource.” He recently hosted a panel on book publicity for Book Expo America. For more information, please consult: 



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