Wednesday, June 27, 2012

12 Book Publishing Jokes

Here are a few original jokes about the world of book publishing. Some are pathetic, but maybe a few will elicit a chuckle. If you have better jokes, please post them under “comments” to the blog.

1.      The literary agent called in sick today. He felt ill-iterate.

2.      People used to worry about governments banning books. Now authors are just happy to sell a copy to a censor.

3.      I went to the dollar shop the other day. I picked up a pack of gum, a comb, and a book. I was given a quarter in change.

4.      Did you hear about the new bookstore that just opened up? Neither did we.

5.      Times have changed. People used to fight against censorship. Some authors are just glad to know someone read and edited their book.

6.      You hear the one about the book publicist? He got a promotion.

7.      Why do they call payments from a publisher to an author “royalty,” when most checks seem like “peasantry?”

8.      Is it bad that a travel writer told me his books go nowhere?

9.      Why do they call training an author to handle the media “media coaching” when it is the media that can use some coaching?

10.  They say you should write about what you know. A former laptop dancer’s new novel is part of a new genre: friction.

11.  Did you hear about the hypnotist who fell into a trance reading her own book?

12.  Did you read the book about Jerry Seinfeld? It is a book about nothing.

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