Friday, October 12, 2012

How You Can Give New Life For An Old Book

What I would suggest is you repackage and re-launch your book so that you can take an old book and make it seem new.  You can go so far as to write a sequel or expand into a series but the content of your first book only needs some minor changes to get re-released.

First, change the look of it – do a new cover and add media blurbs or testimonials that you received after it was first published.  You can also change the interior layout and design, correct any errors you may have caught, and even change the price.  You can call the book new and revised or second edition or maybe you change the title altogether, and get a new ISBN and copyright year. I would add material to some existing chapters, update any outdated facts, and add a few more chapters.  By doing this you can now go pitch all the media from scratch and give yourself enough time and ammunition to make a bigger splash.

Now, what I just suggested only holds true for non-fiction books. Fiction books can’t really be revised or re-launched-just repackaged.  The cover or interior layout or paper quality can be changed, but the content remains the same.

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