Thursday, December 29, 2016

To Promote Your Book Find Your Anesthesia Moment

I recently underwent a medical test that required anesthesia.  I’ve had it over a dozen times, so it’s become quite routine, but what I found that was not so typical was my reaction once I awoke.  I felt a sense of clarity, renewal, and cleansing.  I was given a fresh start.

It’s not that I survived going under, though I’m thankful a routine thing didn’t turn into anything more, but there was something about feeling like I went somewhere far away and came back to realize I want a new beginning, a chance to make things better, achieve my goals, and improve my relationships in life.

Call it my anesthesia moment.  

You can have your own -- and not see a doctor to do so.  Just find a moment to declare a break from the past.  Give yourself a chance to feel you have a clean slate to move forward.  Step out of your routine and away from your obligations.  Give yourself a respite, however brief, to transition from before to after.

It’s a weird sensation to go from awake to sleep and to be aware of it happening.  One second you are alert, eyes open, and talking.  The next, you are in snoozeland, unaware of what’s being done to you or around you.  Suddenly, your reality lived on the outside, is a different one on the inside.

How might you get your anesthesia moment?

Well, first you need to want one.  Then you’ll find it.

Give yourself a free day to ponder, to dream, to nap, to not be consumed by work, family or the distractions of social media and entertainment.  Don’t use drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex or other addictive crutches.  Just let yourself almost meditate your way from where you are to get to where you want to be.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. We are entrenched in the details of our daily reality. It’s hard to just turn all of the noise off and just walk away from life.  But if we don’t find a way to distance ourselves from, well, ourselves, we’ll never be able to properly take stock of ourselves and look to make the right changes.

You don’t have to make New Year’s resolutions to give yourself a fresh start.  Nothing wrong with making vows to change, but I’m talking about finding a clear-cut way to become something more or other than you’ve been.  Seek out your anesthesia moment and find inspiration from someone, something or the environment around you.  Make a commitment to change – and you will.  Embrace the new you.

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