Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Authors & Publishers Must Meet All Challenges, Big & Small

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Blogger.com recently changed the interface on my blog. It is something all tech companies do every few years, really for no other reason than to freshen things up. But every single time some portal changes its look or relocates things or discards certain functions, it upsets me. It is an unnecessary change in a time where stability and familiarity are needed. The last thing I need is for my blog to play hide-and-ho-seek with me. But this experience left me wondering about change and why we so often struggle with it.

Of course, in the long run, change is what we need to grow. I like the kind of change that enhances my life, saves me money, makes me happier, or keeps me healthy and safe. Say yes to new products and services. But say no to forced change — getting fired, suffering a tragedy or loss, or becoming a victim to something.

A lot of change, like redesigning blog sites, only frustrates me and often does not lead to a benefit that exceeds the cost of time and stress related to learning a new system. But in the scheme of things, we move on from things like a website overhaul, and yet when they happen, they can annoy us so much.

Geeze, 2020 has seen a ton of change, and a lot of it is associated with pain, loss, and challenge. Corona has forced us to live diminished lives, to waking up daily and having to regularly readjust to the new normal, forcing us to see the world through a smaller lens. We live life like a kid staring at a candy store, waiting for it to open its doors so he can devour delectable delights that he knows will satiate his desires. Only the store is not open and we don’t know when it will re-open.

2020 has taught many of us about endurance, resilience, patience, and meeting simultaneous changes and challenges. As much as I bemoan something like a revamping of my blog site. I realize it is nothing compared to the life-death and career-changing obstacles millions are facing every day in America.  Boys and girls, today’s word of the day – and year – is resilience. Or perseverance. Or survival. But we shall find our way to overcome the tsunami of change this year and hopefully make 2021 a better, bigger, brighter one.


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