Friday, July 12, 2013

Do You Utilize Fireworks Marketing For Your Books?

This past Fourth of July celebration was likely filled with barbecues, beach visits, carnivals, and outdoor festivities for hundreds of millions of Americans.  It was highlighted by the one event that guarantees satisfaction – unless it rains.


Just as one has to ring in the New Year by seeing the crystal ball at Time Square drop to a sea of people, one has to acknowledge the year’s mid-point and the nation’s anniversary with a dose of colorful, loud fireworks.  It’s not just tradition or something kids enjoy or lovers rejoice in.  At any age, fireworks are thrilling.

They light the heavy, darkened night sky, illuminating our imagination and igniting a spark to our lives.  Their bursts of noise awaken us, for they cannot be ignored.  Streaking lights of color showering a glow across the sky captivate us.  Perhaps they remind us of how much fun life can be.  Or maybe they affirm that all it takes to get us to stop doing whatever we normally do is just a few flashing lights and thunderous sounds.

I look at the fireworks and think that they look like a battlefield, with all of its gunfire, lighting up like the sky does on the Fourth.  But these bombs are harmless.

They also look like what I envision a meteorite shower might look like.  It was a beautiful canvas if that is how the apocalypse gets painted.  But this was not the end of time, and rather, it filled me with feelings of a fresh beginning.

There’s something pure, consistent, and timeless about fireworks.  That’s what your book marketing should be like.  Strive to impress others in a way that leads them to feel happy and satisfied.  Call it fireworks marketing.

What do fireworks really do?

·         They get your attention
·         They use color well
·         They use sound for effect
·         They are scheduled
·         They show up where everyone can see them
·         They use nature and the outdoors
·         They come fast and furious

Are your marketing efforts employing some of the features and tactics used in fireworks?

·         Do you use color and sound to get people’s attention?
·         Do you market to the masses and deliver what’s expected?
·         Do you use the element of surprise strategically?
·         Do you get people to look up from what they busy themselves with?

Book marketing just needs to call attention to your book in a way that entertains.  Bring your book to life, whatever it may be about, and show people it offers something with a payoff, something familiar but surprising, and something consistent but not ordinary.

I never tire of looking at fireworks.  And when they go off amidst an already cool setting, such as by a landmark structure, city skyline, lake, beach, etc., they look even more spectacular.

Fireworks do more than celebrate something.  They are a cause for celebration all by themselves.  I love all things fire.  Call me a pyromaniac but the life force and energy that comes out of fireworks is enough to light the way for great book marketing.


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