Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Interview With Debut Indie Author Heidi Dubois

Pens A Provocative Book: Open Wide: The 4 D’s

1.      What is your debut book about? I call it my Post Part Him journey.  It is about my life after my divorce and how I augmented my income as a dental hygienist selling sex toys. The title says it all.  Open Wide the 4 D’s Divorce, Dating, Dentistry, and Dildos. I got divorced in 2003. This is the first book of my trilogy – it covers the first five years after my divorce.

2.      What inspired you to write suck a wacky but true story? Let me start by saying it is an embellishment of the truth (wink). My life has always been kind of wacky, in a good way.  I learned early on to laugh at myself rather than get laughed at.  I am a dental hygienist.  I worked in the same office for many years and many of my patients became my friends. I would regale them with stories as I cleaned their teeth. Alan, one of my favorite friend/patients, an artist and a former writer himself, talked me into it. It was not that difficult, due to the fact I am an avid journaler.  Long story short, Alan’s daughter was in film school at the time, working as a summer intern for the guys that did Wedding Crashers. Her job was to read possible movie scripts. Feeling uninspired by anything she read, she called her father and asked if he could get his hands on his dildo-selling, dental hygienist’s manuscript. It was in its infancy stage, I was insecure of my writing capabilities, yet I took a risk and reluctantly sent it to her in Hollywood. Everything else in my life was proof that crazy things can happen, so why not? Within three days she called me and said let’s write a screen play. We began working on the screenplay and the book became the driving force. The screenplay and TV series are currently being shopped now. (fingers crossed). To sum it up my life made me do it!

3.      You found yourself a single parent and looking to augment your income. How did you come to sell sex toys? They found me. Very close family friends had been in the adult industry for years. They were the largest distributor of novelty products in the Midwest at the time; this was in early 2002 and a few “home party” companies were purchasing limited items from them (keep in mind Internet shopping was just getting started). They decided to launch their own party company. They were able to offer thousands of products without the middle person and they were building many web based product lines. They needed a “front man” to do the parties, and the rest as they say is history.

4.      So as a dental hygienist are you drawn to a nice mouth -- or something else? Some say the eyes are the window to the soul, I say the mouth is the door. LOL

5.      Do guys say they get turned on by your second profession or are they too intimidated to date you?  It certainly weeds them out.  As you can imagine some of the men assumed I was easy and some felt they could or would not measure up. I have been told that I am intimidating, but truthfully I am just very careful with whom I let into both my head and my bed. LOL

6.      How do you deal with family and friends who disapprove of your extra job? My family supported me completely, although this did spark some interesting conversations with my children at early ages. I was 100% honest with them. As far as friends go, this question hits home. I was definitely judged by some.  I lost several. Those that mattered stuck around and are very proud of how things turned out. (they also benefited from some of the fun gifts  I gave them over the years) (wink). I have grown tremendously as a person and have learned to ignore those that judge. My work ethic has been an inspiration to my children, I taught by example. Hard work pays off.  I am proud to say I kept my house, educated my kids and as hard as it was at times, I feel you need to do whatever you can (legally) to make it. Feeling sorry for myself was never an option. Everything happens for a reason. I was lucky that this opportunity came along. I am now a very successful dental implant salesperson and motivational speaker. Both require me to use the skills I developed at Heidi’s Passions. As I told my son, if you are in sales, it does not matter what you sell; you must work hard, gain product knowledge, and be the best person at it.

7.      Do you sample some of the products for yourself? Let’s just say:  See one, do one, teach one.

8.      What do women reveal to you when you start discussing sex toys? Just about anything and everything you can imagine. (And some things I didn’t want to imagine.)
Sex and intimacy are a very important part of a healthy relationship. Good sex makes it even better. Long-term relationships can stagnate; there are lots of ways to keep things new and exciting.

9.      Your story is one of empowerment. What do you hope people will learn from it? If you believe in yourself, you can do anything. My life has completely turned around. I am all about the power of manifesting. Set goals and dreams for yourself, take risks and work towards your vision. Learn to laugh at yourself and allow time each day to be grateful. (I cannot lie, for some days that was a challenge). Life is about choice, and we all have free will to choose the path we walk.  It takes a lot of balls to change your path and go against the norm. I feel that people should not stay married if the relationship is damaging. The reasons people divorce are very personal. I was in an abusive relationship that I stayed in for years thinking that it was better for the children. The day my daughter’s therapist told me that I was not the only emotionally abused woman in the house is the day I left. It was not easy, and I can look back, now 13 years later, and tell you I have no regrets. I chose to let go of the anger and resentment a long time ago. It is a cancer that will eat you alive if you let it fester. I was determined to not have my children suffer from my mistakes and their father’s choices. I would hope that people will learn to do whatever it takes to put their children first and to support them financially, emotionally, and spiritually. They are the future!  


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