Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Do Writers Feel Loved?

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I’m not a therapist, psychiatrist, or a social worker – nor do I play one on television, but it is safe to say that today’s author feels like he or she can use one. And probably should.

Why would I say that authors are crazy or stressed out or mentally handicapped?

You tell me.

There are many sane writers. Not everyone is filled with drama or confronting suicidal ideology, but so many writers write because of all types of pain, challenges, and stresses. They want to help others but need to help themselves. They want to make others happy but need to find their own happiness. They want people to feel liberated, balanced, and improved, but they also need to work at their own approach to life.

Writers try to correct the world’s reality with their fantasy. They attempt to reshape how we see the world or to actually reshape the world itself. They lead sometimes by example and deed, but often by demands, hopes, and dreams – and words.

Too often our writers are misunderstood, under-read, poorly compensated, and not celebrated. Certainly some break through and gain fame and fortune. The vast majority do not. It takes a toll on writers.

Some writers harm their cause. They:

·         Sabotage with negative self-talk.
·         Surround themselves with weak, negative, non-supportive people.
·         Use illegal substances or psyche drugs to medicate what their writing needs to resolve.
·         Are misinformed or lack proper information.
·         Have distorted perceptions of reality.
·         Are blinded by ego, greed, or envy.
·         Don’t acknowledge other great books.

But in the defense of writers, they are:

·         Underpaid and overworked.
·         Forced to compete in a highly competitive environment.
·         Frustrated when their words can’t change actions, convince minds or win over hearts.

Our writers need more support, professionally and personally. They have PTSD from rejection, negative reviews, low compensation, and little support from those closest to them. Today’s writer deserves more. Writers also need to take more responsibility for their well-being and to be honest about their writing.

I have always loved to write and define my sense of self and worth by my ability to write. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a best-selling book to receive awards, and to get media praise for my work? That still eludes me.

I found my therapeutic outlet. It is this blog, one that approaches its 3600th post as it hits nine years this May. I make no money from it and don’t receive the recognition from the book publishing community that I feel it deserves.  So what? Screw ‘em all. I write for you – and for myself. Those that read this blog get an Ivy League education in book marketing. For free. Those who don’t even know it exists, well, that’s up to my readers and how well they spread the word of mouth.  There’s genius in these blog posts, isn’t there?

 Every writer has an ego. For some, it gets them into trouble. They think too highly of themselves. Others don’t think enough of themselves. A balance must be struck.

Maybe it’s time I consult a therapist. Maybe you should do the same. All writers search for things that will never come, and all writers have some kind of issue to work through. Take care of yourself and keep on writing!

Feel the love.


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