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Breakthrough Marketing Tips For Authors


I recently talked to an author who wanted to get a secret edge to get ahead of others, and to find work-arounds to gatekeepers, dead ends, and email filters that suck his communications seemingly into the Twilight Zone. I understand his concerns and frustrations. We have all been there, from novice authors to seasoned PR veterans.  

The key is to never give up, and to be persistent, creative, pushy, and — to do the obvious.

However, he was failing to first do what everyone else is supposed to do. He said if he does that, he can’t get what he wants.  

But the truth is that most people don’t actually do what they should be doing, in part, because they think everyone else is doing the same something, so why bother? Many people don’t do all that they should or could do. They get psyched out by rejection or being ignored. They feel they have a lot to offer, if only others would be receptive to giving them a chance.  

Authors are like some women at a singles event who are beautiful souls on the inside and lionesses in the bedroom, but are unassuming in the looks department, so they aren’t readily approached. They lose confidence and hope —and don’t initiate a conversation. It all goes nowhere. They give up. 

Don’t give up. Don’t make excuses. Don’t whine.  Battle every step of the way. Double down on your outreach efforts. Create your own opportunities. Don’t dismiss an idea without trying it. Don’t assume anything. Don’t be lazy, shy, or cheap. Invest in yourself with time and money. 

Ok, still not convinced? 

First, have a game plan. Map out what you are doing and stick to it. Then add to it. Be flexible, but doing less or nothing is not an option. Doing more, differently, better is the only path for you.  

Be resilient and keep an opportunistic mind. Embrace a sense of urgency. Focus only on what to do and how to do it well. Nothing else. Park your tears, fears, and tantrums. No one cares about that. Operate out of the mantra that it is possible to get what you want. The book marketing puzzle has a solution. Act with confidence and optimism that you can solve it. 

It is a numbers game. If 35 emails went no where, send No. 36. Change the email. Change your outreach list. Try again another day.  

Try multiple methods. Email is used often. Fine. You can also mail books, track people down on social media and message them through multiple platforms, make phone calls, or see them in person.  

The formula for success is diversification and repetition. Try multiple media outlets, multiple people at each one, with multiple pitches, over multiple times, delivered in multiple forms.  

The formula to succeed also includes luck, which comes, in part, by being in the right place at the right time. Quitters stay home, so luck ain’t knocking on their door. But for those who ceaselessly put themselves out there, willing to fail and to succeed, they will get lucky.  

You have to simply own an attitude that says “Keep pushin’, opportunity awaits.” Someone has to succeed. Why not you?  

You have resources. You can look to invest in yourself. You can buy your way in. You can beg. You can trade something for what you want. You can build up a bank of IOUs in favors.  

See possibilities when you come upon roadblocks. The road never ends until you drop dead. If you are still breathing, anything is possible.   

To push through, you may also need to pull off some gimmick or stunt.  Perhaps you need to send a unique gift as well. The name of the game is to get attention.  

If you have the budget, take things to the next level. Pay influencers to talk you up. Pay for book reviews to gain third-party validation. Do something dramatic, like rent a billboard or hire a team to craft a video with viral potential. Dream something up; then do it!  

Do something different. Print out a blog post and snail mail it to hundreds of people, urging them to share it digitally.   

Be willing to pay for people to read your book. Hand your book out for free to develop word-of-mouth exposure and build up reviews.  

Always go back to the tried and true when pitching the news media or seeking to seduce consumers — appeal to what they never tire hearing about:  

·         Dogs/animals 

·         Nudity/sex

·         Murder/mayhem

·         Isms/tribal connections

·         Emotions/anger/fear/love  

Breakthrough book marketing is achieved in many ways but there is just one way that won’t work: giving up and whining.   

Stat of the Day

I read a stat in The New York Post that does not bode well: The number of US adults, 25-54, not living with a partner in 1990 was 29%. In 2021 it is 38%. This is according to Pew.  It means more housing is required — good for that industry — but it means society’s fabric is shedding. We live lives alone and become more selfish and alone, not willing to negotiate and navigate life with someone.  


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