Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Do Authors Need An Upgrade?


I did something that I’ve never done before when it comes to technology. I bought the iphone 13, the latest, greatest model of smartphones.

I was the one who resisted getting a cellphone for years, a generation ago. Then I bought a flip phone once smartphones were a thing. Then I got an Android when Apple was a run-away winner. I then bought the iphone 4 when more advanced Apple models had been out. I bought the iphone 6 four years later, when even more newer models were out. Now, six years later, I leaped to the iphone 13. An iphone 13 Pro -- which costs more -- is also out. I left that to my teenage son to buy. He’s a tech insecure creature of his generation. My daughter also upgraded, in line with my phone, to make sure she doesn’t take after me and live on old-generation tech.  

So, why did I tell you this? Certainly, it was not to brag of how I resisted change or fell behind the world. No, in fact, it’s the opposite. I want to champion my new vision. I have bought into the idea that many are already consumed by, that one must have fairly new devices to compete in the world.  I didn’t realize what I was missing -- speed, way better camera, greater apps, more data space - until I bought my new phone.  

Still, does this mean I was held back in my career? No, but maybe things would have been easier, quicker, even better. I had gotten so used to my under-performing phone the way some women get used to being verbally abused by a boyfriend. When they start dating other guys, they start to realize how they deserve to be treated. Now I know I was allowing for my old phone to mistreat me. Well, no more!  

Authors, heed my lessons:

First, upgrade your resources, technology, data bases, etc. to position you well for book marketing success.  

Second, new means change, so go with the flow. Learn how to adapt, Try new things and get used to new methods. They will benefit you in the end.  

Third, don’t get complacent about anything. “Good enough” is not always best - or even really good enough. Revise your standards and hold yourself accountable to a higher threshold.  

Now, before we all hail change and the acquiring of pricey technology, let us take a moment to condemn companies like Apple that make us feel guilty or behind when they keep introducing upgrades and new versions of the same product. Apple, you cost me money and make me feel a part of the material culture that kills the environment and alienates us from physical human encounters.  

Okay, I had to get that off my chest.  Now, I need to post this so I can go back to living on my shiny, new toy. Oh, iphone 13, I love you today, but we’ll need to break up in about two years. Kisses.  


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