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What’s Your Book Marketing IQ?



There are some brilliant people out there, in all fields, from all walks of life. There are genius writers as well. But many fail to market their books successfully. Why?

They may lack something — perhaps the right information, ideas, or resources — to market their book well. Or perhaps it is their negative attitude, weak emotional state of mind, or lack of belief in themselves that sabotages them. I call those things — and a number of others — a blend of factors that make up one’s Book Marketing IQ (BMIQ).

What is your Book Marketing IQ? Can you get your number higher?

Aside from whatever impact one’s upbringing, DNA, health, and socio-economic-race-gender-religion-location demographics have on their ability to be a success, there are 25 elements to one’s BMIQ. 

Here they are:

1. Awareness. If you don’t know what is in the realm of possibility, you will struggle. Learn about book marketing best practices and survey the landscape of probabilities.

2. Planner. You either plan to succeed or, by failing to plan, plan to fail. Make your to-do lists, strategize, and get a blueprint for your mission and vision.

3. Opportunistic. No one needs to give you permission to succeed. Seize an opportunity that presents itself. Look for opportunities and connect dots that are not readily apparent.

4. Compatibility. Work well with others. Be polite, fair, kind, attentive, ethical, and nice. Be a leader and a team player.

5. Knowledgeable. What you know, about anyone or anything, can help you talk your way into a good situation or talk yourself out of a bad one. What you know helps you relate to others, write better, and market efficiently.

6. Skills and training. Your willingness to learn and grow your skill set is important. How adept are you at setting up speaking events, selling your book via social media, or in securing news media coverage? Study up!

7. Executioner. Be a self-starter. Come up with an idea, make a plan, and reach out. Follow-up. Action is everything. Execute -- or be executed.

8. Experience. What you have done in marketing and promotions in the past could influence your ability to succeed now.

9. Ideation. How fast do you come up with good ideas? Can you generate ideas that lead to action?

10. Attitude. Your beliefs, assumptions, and the way you see things — about society, life, or your book marketing — will certainly influence what and how you do something.

11. Listener. Being a strong communicator starts with being a patient, observant, and focused listener.

12. Confidence. To market well, you must exhibit confidence not just in your abilities, but in your message, and in your belief in your book.

13. Conviction. When you speak or act as if you feel a part of something important, powerful, useful, meaningful, and special, your message resonates with people.

14. Sense of Urgency. Always move forward as if the time is now to get something done, especially when a specific deadline is not attached to it.

15. Energy. Your passion and enthusiasm will help you achieve. You express both vigor in your movements, the sound of your voice, and your eye contact.

16. Time. A most valuable resource, you must dedicate enough time to achieve your marketing goals.

17. Money. This is what buys you help, information, access, or tools that can be used to get you on top of your book marketing. You can also lean on the currency of favors and trading.

18. Research. The lists, databases, and information that you know how to access will help you find book consumers, media outlets, speaking opportunities, and more social media connections.

19. Connections. Your willingness to network — online and in person -- to leverage relationships, exploit connections, and befriend others is very important. Being able to initiate, maintain, and grow a quantity of quality relationships is important.

20. Analytical review of yourself. Measure results. Take stock. Reflect honestly on your effort and results.

21. Flexibility. Being able to go with the flow, respond to change, and find workarounds to challenges is a key attribute.

22 Goal-oriented. Setting goals, short- and long-term, will drive you to succeed. Compete with yourself. Always seek to improve.

23. Negotiate and persuade. Being able to convince people to like you and that they should want what you are offering is a gift.

24. Take chances, even a risk. Be willing to experiment. Sacrifice a sure thing for something greater. Go against the trend. Be contrarian. Embrace opposites.

25. Luck. Yes, luck is random, but some people have a way of making their own luck. They are in the right place, at the right time— because they are not on the sidelines or at home. Put yourself into situations to have a chance to get lucky.

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