Monday, November 8, 2021

Market Your Book As If Running A Marathon


Marketing your brand as a writer is a long-term process, not something you do once or for a short period of time. It is kind of like running a marathon, which is what my wife just did. I am proud to say she completed her first New York City Marathon, the city’s 50th and first since 2019.

She has trained for many months, not letting more than a day or two go by without running. That is exactly how authors must approach their book publicity — tackling it on a regular basis.

My wife trained by alternating her distances, jogging eight or nine miles one day, four the next, then 18. Authors can do the same thing Some days will be busier, more challenging, and more productive than other days. That is fine. We don’t always have to do a lot in every given day, but we always have to do something.

She would build off-days into her routine too. Sometimes we need 24-48 hours of not doing or thinking about our books. Then we come back, energized and reinvigorated, the next day and thrive further, faster.

At some point in her training, her foot bothered her. She altered her running style and was fine. Sometimes you need to vary or change your book marketing techniques to get to where you need to go.

Recently, she noticed her back was hurting on the longer runs. She bought a harness or brace to help her, if not physically, then psychologically. Sometimes we need help — whether it be a tool, resource, or piece of equipment to get us through the hard parts.

Her training schedule was devised by a guy who has run hundreds of marathons. She found the recipe online. Authors too, need guidance from pros who have successfully done what they seek to do.

Sometimes she would train with others, including someone who ran marathons and knows what she is going through. Authors, too, should reach out to their own kind: fellow authors. They will gain inspiration, insight, and support from those who can best relate to them.

My wife set out with one goal: to finish. She didn’t care about her time. She just wanted to make it past the finish line. Like Rocky, she was determined to go the distance and show that she can have the ability, determination, and confidence to set a goal and achieve it.  Authors must always set goals, reasonable ones that force them out of their comfort zone but are not so unfathomable or unattainable.

Perhaps if she ever runs another one, she will seek to improve upon her time, but that is another goal for another day. Authors should always set out to move the goal post, to stride towards new challenges and achievements.

Are you ready to run a marathon? Set a goal today and start working towards it, taking small steps until you find yourself running towards a solid writing career.


My wife’s time? 5 hours 38 minutes and 3 seconds.  She says she wants to run another marathon and beat her time. That’s how authors should feel. They compete not so much with each other, but with themselves. Keep striving to do more -- and do better.


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