Monday, November 1, 2021

Which Social Media Platform Should Authors Use?


Authors, I have written about and spoken often of the need for you to have a website and a business card. Now I need to make a clear case for your participation in social media.  

You simply cannot ignore this large and growing medium. You can’t ignore it and expect to succeed. You can’t shun it out of ignorance, laziness, or a lack of time. You can try to replace it by leaning heavily on other areas, but instead of seeing it as an either or, do all things possible, including social media. 

So, the question is which social media to use — and how — not if. 

Based on a USA Today survey, these are the top 13 social media platforms used by adults these days. Please note, many people use multiple platforms: 

·         You Tube 81%

·         Facebook 69%

·         Instagram 40%

·         Pinterest 31%

·         LinkedIn 28%

·         Snapchat 25%

·         Twitter 24%

·         WhatsApp 23%

·         Tik Tok 21%

·         Reddit 18%

·         Nextdoor 13%

Why use social media? 

·         It works

·         It’s free

·         Unlimited growth potential

·         Nothing is required to access it but a computer or smart phone

How should it be used? 

·         With a plan of action

·         With goals

·         By reviewing metrics

·         Experiment

·         Daily

·         Consistently

·         Productively

·         To build a brand

·         Increase followership

·         Feed useful content that leads people to your site

·         Repeat what works, eliminate what doesn’t

Why do authors say they don’t use social media? 

·        What they had done, failed. 

Try again. Do differently. Do more. Do better!

·         Don’t know how to use it. 


·        Think they don’t have time for it. 

Make time for what really is a priority. 

·        Won’t pay for assistance. 

Don’t cheap out — invest in yourself. 

·        It feels burdensome to trade in nonsense exchanges with people who don’t care.

Make them care. Say something timely, relevant, and interesting. Then find people to see, hear, or view it. Repeat and rinse. 

Do yourself a big favor and get yourself involved in social media. Your writing career depends on it.  



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