Friday, October 22, 2021

Which 7 People Do Authors Need In Their Lives?


The public’s image or perception of a writer is that of the isolated introvert. Authors are depicted as independent thinkers who fiercely defend their craft, even if it means sacrificing their own social lives. Well, some of that may be true for some writers, but one truth is clear: All writers would benefit from help from seven key people.  

It takes a village to nurture a writer!

Here are seven people that could make a huge difference in the life of a writer: 


Part life-coach, part writing instructor, a mentor can help motivate, encourage, snd teach a writer how to write at a high level. 


We all need someone who tells us the truth, provides honest feedback, and does not sugar coat things. He or she offers unsolicited advice and gives you useful feedback. 


We all could benefit from a sugar daddy. Well, there are people who may invest in you or lend you money to help you launch your book successfully. You can also use sites like GoFundMe to raise funds in support of your writing. Seek out assistance from anyone with a few bucks to spare. 


Sometimes we just need professional insights to work issues out, overcome challenges, break through barriers, and de-stress. 


We all can use a good friend to escape from life or to talk things through. Find a good listener and be prepared to do the same. 

Literary Agent

It is very hard to land a book publisher or an advance without retaining representation from a literary agent.  

Book Publicist

Authors need help marketing themselves and promoting their books. Authors just want to write books and leave the branding, social media, speaking, advertising, traditional news media, and book reviews to a professional. 

It is the quality and quantity of the people in your life that may just influence and dictate one’s success as a writer. People who advocate for us, inspire us, support us, and teach us are the types of connections we all must seek out. 

Good News! More Bookstores!

Indie bookstores continue their decade of growth, even during the pandemic.  The American Bookseller Association says its membership is up, up, up. From 2018 to 2021, the number of active bookstore companies rose by nearly 50%, from 1,319 to 1,910, covering 2,496 store locations (up from 1,851 from just three years ago). 

More Good News!!

Print unit book sales, year-to-date, are up over 10%, through early October.


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