Saturday, April 13, 2019

Be A Book Marketing Maven

How can you capitalize on what is already out there? 

For instance, don’t you notice people selling T-shirts for an event before it happens? If a sports team is playing in a championship game you will see vendors selling “champion” shirts near the stadium before the final outcome is even known. Or maybe it is the Fourth of July – ever notice people selling festive things like sparklers? 

You don’t have to be officially connected to an event, or organization, or news personality to cash in on something popular or timely. Can you get sales for your book in a similar way?

·         Do a spoof. The Onion, Mad magazine, Saturday Night Live and National Lampoon have made millions of dollars with parodies, spoofs, and the use of humor to ridicule something popular or infamous. If you cannot be the popular kid, score points talking about him or her.

·         Be contrarian. Simply support the minority viewpoint in a way that is controversial, creative, and eye-opening.

·         Claim your research or poll uncovers new trends to watch.

·         Issue a challenge, a dare, an ultimatum.

·         Issue a plea, call to action and a demand for something.

·         Utilize a highly-known spokesperson.

·         Declare a top ten list, create a rating system, a hall of fame, a walk of shame, a Nobel Prize for stupidity, an Oscar for worst performance, your all-star list of complaints, etc.

·         Pursue or break a record.

·         Make bold predictions or craft hypothetical situations into a story.

·         Call for industry reform or a need for a new standard.

·         Reverse a cliché and apply it to your industry.

·         Give your book to someone important and have them comment on it.

·         Pull a stunt.

·         Use multimedia and sharp editing to put together a cool media piece that goes viral.

·         Call attention to a historically significant but little known or forgotten event that took place 20, 50, or 100 years ago that has relevance now.

·         Tie a message into something popular – music, TV show, movie, play, convention.
·         Partner with a major non-profit, corporation, or government agency or person in the news.

·         Have an attractive model somehow involved in your marketing materials or efforts -- beautiful people sell well no matter how much we may complain that one’s looks should not be used to whore a product.

·         Exploit kids, pets, natural scenery, and the images that move people – life and death, power and money, sex and innocence, family ties, etc. Your marketing landscape knows no limits – use whatever image, idea, or phrase that will push people to react – but be mindful of backlashes to your choices.

·         Offer a crazy guarantee or warranty.

·         Highlight the little guy, the comeback, the underdog, the victim, the nobody – everyone loves Rocky.

·         Panic! Sound the alarm. Warn us of the extreme, dire consequences of action or inaction.

·         Paint a picture of good and evil. We want a black and white world even when we know it is full of grey shades.

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