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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

All New 2019 Book Publicity & Marketing Toolkit!

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8th Annual Edition For Authors & Publishers

Here we are, with over 3,000 posts on my blog. At the seven-and-a-half-year-point of this award-winning blog, I proudly reached my 1.60 millionth click.   Below are the best blog posts of the year.

My sincerest goal is for authors to become better book promoters and for all books to get the media exposure they deserve. 

This blog is a labor of love and I am happy to say it has been recognized by so many people as a leading source of great book marketing and publicity tips, strategies, and resources.

Enjoy, and please give back by sharing this with others.

This Is How You Get Book Reviews!

Where You Find Book Reviewers

Why Authors Must Invest In Book Marketing

12 Things Authors Should Do To Promote A Book

Best-Selling Book PR Tips From Book Expo Panel

Book Marketing Landscape For First-TimeAuthors

How Authors Can Craft Effective Facebook Posts

Great Book – Or Great Marketing?

Blog Post 3,000!!

Best Interviews in Book Publishing In 2018

Here Are Big Book Marketing Lessons From My All-Time Top 10 Blog Posts

2018 Book PR & Marketing Toolkit

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