Sunday, March 10, 2019

Some Key Principles To Rally Your Book Marketing Around

5 Fast Ways To Engage Another
1.      Startle or shock with a profound statement, stunning fact, or outrageous opinion.

2.      Talk about a common problem and bond over the same issues.

3.      Spin a good story – short but dramatic.

4.      Ask engaging questions that force them to open up.

5.      Stir a picture with a hypothetical situation that potentially could be real.

You must also do this:
1.      Know your book and service well. It sounds obvious, but after you wrote your book you may have forgotten all of the special features in it. You don’t want to undersell it. Think about what people want to know or expect to hear and seek to match that up with what you can offer.

2.      Be aware of your industry or field. Keep up with the latest trends impacting your expertise area so as not to seem dated or out of the loop. Whatever we come to know and learn we may need to revisit later on. Look at Pluto. That used to be considered a planet. Scientists recently downgraded it. So things we accepted as fact can’t be taken for granted.

3.      Make a good first impression. In the first 30 seconds of meeting you, people already determine whether or not they’d do business with you. Smile. Be polite and courteous. Show an interest in them and their needs. Speak slowly and clearly but let them talk more than you. Never say a bad word about anyone or express opinions on unrelated matters that may alienate you from their opposing views. Express optimism, sound confident, dress appropriately and make eye contact. Don’t be late.

4.      Know your customers. What concerns do they have? What do they want or need? What types of experiences, training, or knowledge are they likely to possess? What might they find objectionable about you or your offer? What are their alternatives to buying your book or hiring you?

5.      Treat everyone like a VIP. Let the one you’re with feel they have your full attention. Think positively and act with passion and energy. Even if you can’t win a new client, perhaps they’ll remain a fan. What you want to avoid is turning someone off so completely that they give off bad word of mouth to others.

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