Tuesday, February 26, 2019

So What Is Needed To Be A Champion Book Marketer?

·         It makes life easier when you have something worth marketing.  If your book is truly well-written and adds something to the dialogue that’s going on about your topic, you are in a good position to work from.  If you find your book can be better, seek to improve it with a second edition when it comes time to reprint it. Of course, you can always alter the ebook form at any time.

·         The bigger the market, the better.  If you have 20 million potential consumers to reach vs. 20,000, you have a better chance of success as the percentage of those you need a sale from are far lower with a bigger customer pool.  However, even a smaller customer pool can work if it’s a targeted group that can be found and marketed to in a concentrated way.

·         Your success as a marketer will depend on how much time you can put into it.  Most importantly, time management and best uses of your time will dictate levels of success, but generally speaking, the more time you can put into this, the better.

·         Teaming up with a marketer will increase your chances of success.  Any outside help, assuming it is cost-efficient, is a plus.

·         The number of resources you supply yourself with will dictate success too. If you need to purchase a mailing list, advertisement, computer software or attend pricey events in order to elevate your marketing you will need to take those steps or limit your potential.

·         Expect little but demand a lot of yourself. It’s good to set goals, have dreams, and explore your desires – but don’t let them blind you from investing the hard work that’s needed to put you in a position for success.

·         Keep studying up on your areas of expertise. To be seen as the expert you need to be up-to-date, savvy, and aware of what’s going on in your field and the world in general.

·         You must be good at reaching out to others.  There are no shy marketers.  Ask many people for many things and a certain percentage are sure to say yes.  Ask nothing of no one and you’re left with nothing.

·         Be good at locating and analyzing opportunities.  Then seize them.  

·         Network often.  The connections you make – and the people they know – can escalate your success exponentially.

·         Improve the skills of selling, negotiating, communicating, and researching.  If need be, take a course in them or read books on them. You need to know the basics of these areas in order to gain an edge – or at least to not fall behind.  It’s okay if you’re weak in one of these areas or even two.  Seek to improve on the weakest links and continue to gain an advantage in areas you believe you’re strong in.

·         Follow-up often with those you’ve reached out to.  A certain number forget, get too busy, or were unsure of something and all they needed was for you to prompt them to address your offer.

·         Speak and write well but listen even better.

·         Think of possibilities, then probabilities. This means don’t let anything stand in your way – no barriers or self-imposed limitations.  Just brainstorm of what could be.  Write down your ideas on how to market yourself.  Don’t pass judgment on them. If you discover a weakness in an idea, identify how you’d make it stronger.  Think your way through it.  Then prioritize which ideas sound the best based on potential payoff, ease of implementation, smaller risks, etc.  Rally around those that time and resources permit you to pursue.

·         Be experimental and willing to change your plans, your approach, or your strategic partners.

You don’t need a Master’s in marketing to be good at it.  But there are certain traits, some of which you can’t do much about, that will come into play, including your:

·         Personality and smile
·         Emotional state
·         Ability to be creative
·         Attitude
·         Intelligence
·         Appearance and looks
·         Energy level
·         Voice tone and sound
·         Truthfulness
·         Likeability

Now go out there and market the heck out of your book!


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