Sunday, November 22, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! What The Book World Should Be Thankful For

    Every year probably a billion Tweeters, bloggers, and Facebookers post what they are thankful for as      they approach the holiday season. Well, this Thanksgiving Day I think we have a lot to be thankful        for, especially those in the book world.

I know this may seem like the exact time not to be thankful — a global pandemic that killed a quarter million Americans and wrecked the economy; a contentious presidential election, and a year of feeling challenged, isolated, and diminished when it comes to just trying to see loved ones, take a plane ride, eat a meal, attend school, or go to work.


The book publishing community should be thankful for:

** Book sales rising, even during a year of temporary bookstore shutdowns.
** More books being published than ever before.
** The discovery of vaccines for the pandemic.

We all have a lot to be thankful for. In a year of feeling like the glass is half-empty, it is time to recognize it is half-full — and can greatly improve next year. In the not-too-distant future, people will once again:

* Vacation by a pool, ocean, or lake with a book in hand.
* Listen to an audiobook at the gym.
* Travel by plane, train, or cruise with a book.
* Lounge at a bookstore to contemplate multiple purchases of books they just discovered.
* Take mass transit to school or work while reading a book.
* Attend bookstore signings and author. lectures at libraries, campuses, and houses of worship.
* Network in person with literary agents, publishers, authors, and the media.
* Go to writers conferences and publishing workshops.

May this holiday season launch us into a new frame of mind, to heal from a deadly disease, to recover from racial unrest, to rebound from a decimated economy, and to end the divisiveness that seems to have gone beyond political beliefs to infect how we view or do anything and everything.

At the very least, be thankful you are alive, that America holds strong, and that the most tumultuous year since the 1960s is coming to an end.

Heal yourself. Spread hope. Help others. And write, publish, buy, read, and promote books.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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