Saturday, October 31, 2020

How Authors Should Build A Platform


Writers must be tired of hearing they need a platform.  Literary agents and publishers are quick to tell promising authors that it is not enough to pen a quality book, on a timely and interesting topic, that appeals to a large pool of people. Writers need to understand that they have to clearly show how they plan to sell a book, which will come mainly by relying on their brand or platform. They must exhibit a commitment to dedicate time, money, and energy into securing book sales.

Authors fully know they need to have higher visibility, a bigger network of connections, and third-party validation in the form of testimonials and a media resume. So how do they go about getting or building a platform?

Here is a starting point: 

·         Establish an identity or persona for yourself – a tagline is needed

·         Be known in certain circles

·         Start locally, expand regionally and nationally

·         Write a blog, have a newsletter, tweet, and post articles on article-sharing sites

·         Network with influencers – online and off

·         Gain access to mailing lists

·         Always promote yourself to the news media

·         Post videos on video-sharing sites

·         Get testimonials even if you have to pay or trade for them

·         Be active in other groups and take a leadership position

·         Have your own podcast  -- and broadcast regularly on a You Tube channel

·         Develop your market niche

Areas to explore include: 

·         Speaking: from libraries, bookstores and schools to non-profits, churches, businesses.

·         Media: get interviewed by radio/tv/newspapers/magazines/newsletters/major websites.

·         Social media coverage: have other blog about you, interview you on their podcast, retweet your post, write about you or your book on Facebook.

·         Your own blog posts: consistent, frequent, quality content that you post and share.

·         Your own podcasts: interview others who will share your content or speak on relevant topics and post it on your own social media and elsewhere.

·         Your own posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc:  Post daily and network on these sites – increase your connections by the thousands

Building a platform means you are building a living resume, associating with people who can help amplify your message and brand and position you for greater book sales. It takes some skill, some strategy, and a lot of effort – but it is worth it. It is required if you want to succeed as a writer. Get going!

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