Monday, November 16, 2020

Authors Want Their Drop-The-Mic Moment


Have you ever heard someone deliver a powerful statement, tell some great jokes, or sing an amazing song — and then literally drop their microphone on stage, walking away with the confidence and attitude of knowing they just nailed it?


Do you, as a writer, want to say something so powerful that you simply drop the mic?

Ok, so what exactly would you say?

How do you know it passes the threshold of greatness?

What do you do after saying or writing this grand statement?

Writers are always looking for their “drop-the-mic” moment. They seek to have multiple such moments in a book, where they monumentally state something new, deeply insightful, incendiary, radical, engaging, emotional or simply gut-busting funny. They tease and provoke, probing the reader’s ability to absorb greatness. Then they plow full steam ahead like a sex-starved mass of hormones seeking their release. Ka-boom! Barriers break.

Words bring bloody carnage or melted feelings of love and ecstasy, leaving no room for anything in between.

The first rule of thumb to having your drop-the-mic moment is to go for it. Again -- and again. No reason to hold back or to tame your words. You don’t want to merely convey or translate a message like a messenger boy delivering a package. You want what you have to say to be fireworks, where your words become action, where the reader is challenged and forced to look where you take them, a place they may not want to visit — or leave.


Next, you have to already know what has been said and how it has been said to know if what you say – and how you deliver it – will be unique, impactful, and amazing. To pen great books, you must know what great books already say.


Third, when it comes to marketing your book, you must embrace a drop-the-mic mentality. Seek to find something to say, in such a way, that when said, it makes people pause, or wonder in awe, or yell in a rage, or laugh hysterically, or feel pangs of desire. Words must move people to think, feel, and act. It is not enough to merely be interesting. Challenge perceptions, get people to view life differently, and exploit their emotional weaknesses.


Now go pen that book or type that press release that is going to get you some attention. Same with your social media posts. You want to have your drop-the-mic moment and if you write something that doesn’t feel like you got to where you need to go, keep at it, and make it better. Publish no words before their time.


Belt out that song. Voice your poem. Tell a funny joke. Write your book.


Drop the mic.


Exit stage left.



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