Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Will Books Flourish Under President Joe Biden?



Let me say that no matter who is president, books are poised for steady growth, but it appears we will have a Biden Bump in 2021. Here’s why:

1. Elections bring lots of change and with them books that discuss democracy, voting, Constitutional reform, history, and politics. Winners will taut new policies and highlight industries ignored by the prior administration. Losers like Trump will no doubt pen books. Winners, too, will have books showcasing a new America.

2. The economy will improve in 2021, making more book sales possible.

3. Commuting to work and a return to plane travel will yield more book reading and purchases.

4. A return to vacationing will yield more pool, lake, and ocean-side reading purchases.

5. People will visit with each other more often, discussing books and bringing books as gifts. Book clubs will resume action fully.

6. People are Netflixed and Zoomed out. Their eyes may turn their attention to books.

7. Biden represents the party that invests in -- and talks up -- the arts and education. Books will be embraced under a literate president — and he will invest in literacy.

8. More people will have more money to pour into self-publishing, thus more books will be published and promoted than ever before.

9. More bookstores — with expanded hours — will be open, enabling for more book sales.

10. Authors will return to the public speaking circuit to hawk their books. Sales will explode.

11. As libraries reopen for more hours and grow their capacity for visitors, they will purchase more books.

12. As schools fully re-open we will see more book sales taking place in schools.

There is a lot to be optimistic about. Of course, some things that change could impact books negatively. The pandemic forced people home and have more time to read. Book sales have been strong in 2020, fueled in part by major political book releases. For instance, Former President Barack Obama is sure to shatter a million copies this month.

There is new optimism and fear in the country, both of which are sure to sell more books. Congratulations to GoGoJoe Biden on your impressive victory, and thank you President Trump for all of the great material that you inspired people to write about.

2020 was a good year for books. 2021 looks to be even better!



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