Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Why Good Authors Fail Miserably – And Often


I can’t tell you how many authors — disillusioned, defeated, and depressed — express negative thoughts about their book’s prospect for success. They are beaten down, lost in a nightmare that they unfortunately fuel by refusing to do the things they can control, failing to let go of ridiculous expectations, and not fully educating themselves on the facts. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Sales will come to authors who pro-actively pursue them – and whose book and efforts warrant them. Now, sometimes you can do everything right and still feel stuck or ignored. But have patience and faith. You will break through, because perseverance wins out.

Authors fail, for sure, because they wrote a bad book, gave it a dumb title, crafted an ugly cover, did a lousy edit job on it, and/or overpriced it. Those were merely reflections of just mistakes, bad judgment, or a lack of knowledge. But they are all correctable.

However, most authors fall far short of fame, fortune, or living their dream. But it is not because they penned a crappy book on a topic no one cares about. Well, okay, that too. But they fall flat because they sabotage themselves.

Authors end up frustrated by a lack of sales, reviews, or influence because they:

* Failed to seize control of their marketing.
* Did not hire a professional to assist.
* Gave up after trying one thing in a half-assed way that didn’t pan out.
* Get misinformation from other failed authors.
* Lack the guidance of a good publisher or advisor.
* Don’t understand how to market a book or even know their options.
* Lack confidence or are mistakenly ego-centric.
* Fail to seize achievable opportunities.

Authors can’t just wish for success. They must drive the bus down the book marketing highway. They must be optimistic but know they must act. They must see that there are many ways to succeed, using different parts to different degrees.

Marketing is a cocktail of things, such as speaking, advertising, social media, traditional media, giveaways, etc. They must read up on book publicity, brainstorm with others, research things, and then experiment.

For any author to succeed, he or she must fight off the three things that do most authors in: ignorance, insecurity, and laziness.

This is not a forum to complain about authors nor do I want to lay blame here. But I want to inform and inspire authors. They can be better and do better. I hate to see them feel defeated or to waste their publishing opportunity. They should have hope. They can have a successful book but the process can’t be left to chance, nor can it be undermined by a misstep or two.

Many writers will continue to be disappointed, frustrated, jealous, and angry. They want to know why they can’t break through. Well, now you know better. Make the move and get out of the ballooning club of failure and come over to a new mindset.

You have nothing to lose — and everything to gain!


Learn, Grow, Succeed!!

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