Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not Everyone Wants to Be an Author or Blogger

As hard as it may be to imagine, not everyone wants to have a book published or write a blog.  That’s my wife, Laura, who is building a nutrition practice and recently launched her web site (  I advised her, like any good book marketer, to start blogging and to write bylined articles for various Web sites and publications.  I encouraged her to write a book.

She’ll have nothing to do with it, at least for now.

She is not looking for fame nor does she feel she has to write about everything she knows.  How novel!  Instead, she wants to market herself to get patients and to help people.  Maybe in time she’ll see it’s not an either/or thing, that one can use social media and publishing to attract clients and help spread the word about nutrition while not falling victim to serving one’s ego and need for 15 minutes of fame.

Maybe good nutrition comes down to a simple formula:  eat less junk, exercise regularly, and contain your addictions.  There, no book or blog is needed.  You now know the secrets to better health.  Ok, well, maybe it’s not that simple.  Certainly, one size doesn’t fit everyone.  Nutrition counseling has to be customized to the patient’s needs.  It can be deeply personal.  So many things factor in – disease, age, culture, education, economics, psychology, physiology.

Many people have an idea on how to eat properly, but lack the self-discipline to follow what they know.  Others are confused or not fully informed on how to eat well.  There are so many different diets, many of them presented in the books my firm represents.  Some of these books and diets directly conflict with one another on the best approach to take.  Doctors and scientists know a lot about diet and fitness but we’re still at a stage where experts can disagree and where not everything has been settled completely and irrefutably.  Plus our society has become too selfishly accustomed to eating what it wants, when it wants to.  This attitude runs counter to the part of us that knows better health comes with better nutrition.

While my wife figures out the whole blog and book thing, I’m going to help myself to a healthy portion of chocolate ice cream.  Maybe if she starts blogging about healthy snacks I won’t be able to enjoy my secret pleasures as much.  Ok, maybe she shouldn’t blog after all.

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