Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best Prices For Used Electronic Devices, E-Readers

My experience in buying used goods is mixed. I bought a used DSI for my oldest son and it works great. It saved me some money. I bought two used cars – one in the end, though it needed work, was a good buy. The other was a clunker and a money pit that was worth more to me when I donated it for a tax write-off.

But it seems that there are so many electronic devices that we use and will need – and new models come at us at a fast pace – that to buy secondhand may make sense, provided it’s a good price from a trusted source. It also helps if some kind of warranty comes with it. E-readers, tablets, and phones are circulating in secondhand markets – maybe you’ll find a good deal.

The New York Daily News listed a half-dozen sites to buy used electronics in their March 6th edition. Here they are:

Interview With Romance Author Marisa Chenery

1.      What is your newest book, Embraced by a Warrior, about? Embraced by a Warrior is a paranormal romance that has a bit of an Egyptian god aspect to it. The main character, Darius, is one of Anubis' warriors. He's one of the men who Anubis has gifted with immortality and the ability to shape shift into a half-human and half-jackal form. It's the warriors' job to hunt down evildoers in the mortal realm and send them to the underworld to be judged by the Egyptian god. After being alive for over eight hundred years, Darius finally meets the woman who ends up being his mate. Not only does have the chore of having to tell Brisa who he really is, Darius has to contend with a demon who has escaped the underworld and is hunting him down.

2.      What inspired you to write it? I guess I've always wanted to write down stories. I can remember being nine years old and writing some for my dad. I tried writing a book when I was seventeen, but I never finished it. It wasn't until I'd had my third child that I really took it up again. I'd become hooked on romance novels and decided I wanted to write my own. It took eleven years, but in 2007 I was offered my first publishing contract from Liquid Silver Books. I now have fifty-two contracts.

3.      Who is the hunk on your cover? I wish I knew who he was, but I don't. The cover was done by Syneca, a cover artist at Ellora's Cave Publishing. She's done more than a few of my EC covers. I think she does amazing work.

4.      What do you love most about writing? I think what I love most about being a writer is I get to stay at home with my family and make my own hours, decide what I want to work on. Being a mother of four, it was nice when my kids were smaller. I also love that I get to immerse myself in different worlds that I wouldn't get a chance to experience in my everyday life.

5.      Why are you a writer and not something else? Becoming a writer was my dream job. It was something I really wanted to succeed at. I worked really hard to be where I am today. I'll admit that I almost gave up a few times before my first book was contracted, but I had family and friends who wouldn't let me do that, which I thank them for. I still get a thrill when I have a new book released. And hearing from fans who love my books helps make it all worthwhile.

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