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Influence The Influencers

There are a number of web sites and Apps that claim to measure one’s online personal influence.  You can check these tools out to not only see where you stand but to see where others rank. 
Check out these:

Interview With TheMedicalEditor’s Carl Richmond

This is the shortest interview have ever run or seen anywhere. My questions may be longer than the answers. But sometimes brevity is key.
  1. Which type of services does the provide? Medical editing.
  2. Is it best for health and medical-related books to be edited by someone from the field vs. just a good overall editor? Get a medical editor.
  3. How did you get into editing? Fell into it. Long story.
  4. What do you like most about your field? The money, I work at home, I call my own hours.
  5. What do authors need to keep in mind when it comes to editing their works? Produce the best article you can and then call us.
  6. Any advice to a struggling writer? Keep writing!

Skype Hype

Even though I am in the PR world, I am not always the first adopter of any technology.  For one, the first-generation model gadget always cost way more than models to follow.  For another, let the first-adopters work out the kinks or address the problems and challenges that crop up in the initial guinea-pig stage.  Often, I belatedly adopt and play catch up.

Skype is my most recent example of such a strategy.  Up until Thursday, March 8, 2012, I never Skyped.  For one, I had little reason other than mere curiosity.  I was asked maybe three or four times a year if I Skyped.  I still connected with those wanna-be Skypers --by phone or email -- and nothing was lost.  But an opportunity came up recently and curiosity won, so I agreed to do a Skype call.

My former client was in Australia.  His girlfriend and assistant were in Sri Lanka and her son, who is also helping out on an upcoming project, were all on the call.  It made sense to Skype.  But we only used audio—it’s free.  To use the video camera for free, it only works if you do one-on-one and not a four-way party call, or else you have to pay. 

I have to say the Skype call was nothing special, from a technology standpoint.  I was able to do the call hands-free, which is nice, and it didn’t sound like a call on speaker.  But without the video component, I didn’t fully feel the occasion was a momentous one.  Still, I crossed another line on the long tech spectrum, and you never revert back to the old ways once you move forward.      

I’m not sure what my next leap is.  Maybe an iPad.   Since they already are up to model number three it means it’ll be time to jump in soon.  I’m sure once I buy one some other gadget will appear and make the iPad look ancient.

But for now I will cross my technology milestones a few years behind the rest of the world and not feel bad.  I try to remind myself that my goal is to communicate with others—by whatever means—but the goal is not to have the latest gadget or tool to play with.  But for the moment, I am now on the other side of the line for Skyping.  I guess the Skype is the limit. 

Favorite Business Websites

The New York Enterprise Report ran a page on its readers’ favorite business sites.  Here’s the list of top sites, most of which have to do with entrepreneurship, small business, technology, or social media:

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