Friday, November 16, 2012

Moving Your Perspective

Most people don’t like change, at least not initially, because it usually is forced upon them.  Humans make changes and adjustments because of a loss, threat, fear, need or a desire.  They change because their health, safety or finances depend on it.  They change because someone told them they need to.  They change because doing nothing or the same just doesn’t work anymore.

But change can turn out to be good, especially once you get past your familiarity with the old, and see that new ways could be better and that opportunities for exciting things that you didn’t even foresee can take hold.

Today is my company’s last day in the offices we called home for over 13 years.  We are not going far – just across the street, to be joined with our parent company – a place we had come from in 1999.  But there’s always something unsettling with any change that may take a little time to shake.

It feels like a whole new company is forming overnight, but in reality we are joined by our colleagues under one physical roof. In the end, there will be a greater synergy and a sense of size to us, which will be nice.

But it is strange that come Monday I will come to a new office with new faces.  I didn’t switch companies but it feels like we just grew 7 times our size.

I have packed up all of my stuff and in the process tossed a portion of it, realizing I don’t need dead files following me around.  In the process of cleaning out desk drawers, closets, and a conference room you come about history and old campaigns that flood the mind with memories.  The last few weeks seem as if they’d been spent in a time machine, revisiting another era.

When I saw documents dated from the 1990s which may not seem to be terribly long ago, it feels like an eternity has passed.  Those were the days of a different media landscape, a different book sales market, and of an Internet that had only AOL and Amazon to show for itself.

Cleaning up the past helped me forge ahead into the future.  When you look back at anything, you realize how far you’ve come, and it inspires you to know that so many more new memories and success stories await you.  So even if this latest change causes me to pause with a bit of sadness, it also gives me pause to see new opportunities awaiting me.

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