Thursday, November 15, 2012

Who Really Controls The Book Market?

According to a recent report issued by Bowker Market Research as reported by Publishers Weekly, 57% of books sold did not come by way of Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Warehouse clubs, Wal-Mart, Target, book clubs and a host of other outlets contribute to the book sale mosaic.  Independent bookstores take 6% of the market.  Christian bookstores sell 2% of all books sold.  Supermarkets and grocery stores account for 1% of the market.

The only significant sales changes from a year ago comes with two areas.  Amazon increased its share of the market from 20% to 27% and the broad category of “all other channels” dropped from 21% to 13% of the market.

Additionally, ebooks now make up 22% of all book sale revenue.  A year ago it was 21% so it looks like they have stalled.  Mass market paperbacks, over the last year, declined significantly, from 15% to 12% of sales revenue.

Perhaps the book market is more diverse than we realize.  But regardless of who sells a book and in what format, the industry appears to be diverse and strong.

On the other hand, if the future of the book industry rests in e-books, Amazon owns the market.  Its Kindle collection is responsible for 55% of all e-book downloads.  The Nook is a distant third at 14%.  Apple’s iPad (12%), iPhone (3%) and ipod (2%) own 17% of the ebook market.  6% of ebooks are read on desktops or laptops.  Sony ebook Reader only accounts for 1% of the market. Other smartphones collectively make up 3% of ebook sales.  All other devices combined makeup 4% of the market, including Google Nexus, Galaxy Tab, Kobo Arc, and Microsoft Surface RT.

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