Friday, February 15, 2013

Do You Practice Red Thread Thinking?

I recently was reading a new book from McGraw-Hill,  Red Thread Thinking: Weaving Together Connections for Brilliant Ideas and Profitable Innovation, by Debra Kaye with Karen Kelly. It offered five strategies that people can implement to attain greater creativity and production. Here they are;

Red Thread One: “Innovation- It’s All in Your Head” – We can fire up our brains to become better at observing and interpretation what we see around us.

Red Thread Two: “Everything Old is New” – Take a fresh look at the past to gain remarkable advantage

Red Thread Three: “People: The Strangest Animals in the Zoo” – Know what makes your market tick, and you’ll know what makes them spend

Red Thread Four: “What You See Is What You Get” – Learn how to create an entirely new accessible “language” to make your product stand out and be universally understood

Red Thread Five: “The Force of Passion” – Preserve, review, and refine your ideas without compromising your integrity or core beliefs

The ideas in the book come from Debra Kaye,  a global innovation and trends expert specializing in brand strategy and innovation for consumer businesses. Her clients have included Apple, Mars, Colgate, McDonalds, American Express, Kimberly-Clark and many more. A frequent commenter on American Public Radio’s “Marketplace” and contributor to Fast Company, she is partner at the innovation consultancy Lucule and former CEO of TBWA\Italy.

Book Excerpt:
“Just as people are destined to meet and connect, I believe the best innovations are the result of unexpected connections among history, technology, culture, behavior, needs, and emotions. Their destiny to meet is within our reach. Red Threads are the connecting strands of relationships in which knowledge, memories, and insights are woven together to create multi-textured fabric of seamless interconnectivity. Red Threads can also connect new products and services with consumer desires, and “despite the time, place, or circumstances are destined to meet” and succeed. Innovations that evoke a “that’s what I’ve been looking for” response in consumers will capture an audience.”

10 Tips Of Post-Divorce Recovery Advice From Author Don Love
1. Give yourself a bridge year  
2. Go forward a little every single day
3. Learn how to think and speak
4. Learn how to think about your divorce
5. Add new support resources for your life
6. Keep your children well
7. Cultivate peace of mind
8. Choose the new things you want from life
9. Choose to be a giver
10. Love yourself

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