Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sell Your Book In These 5 Cities!

Nearly one in three residents in Monaco has a net worth of one million dollars or more—not including their primary residence. 27% of Zurich and 18% of Geneva are just as wealthy. 5% of New Yorkers and 4% of those in Frankfurt are millionaires too, according to a study by Spears Magazine and Wealth Insight.

If one were to target only cities with money to sell an inexpensive e-novel, I would say don’t bother—unless the central characters, main plot or overall theme particularly appeal to those cities. But if you have an expensive art photography book, a business book, or something of value, seek to market and promote to the richest cities on the planet.

Conversely, when your book’s sales price is low, and/or your book’s content—whether fiction or nonfiction—appeals to those of a lower socio-economic status, by all means, market and promote to poorer cities. 

But if you try to target the bankrupt, the illiterate, or the criminal, you may not get too far.

Most books can sell anywhere to anyone. The key is presenting your book as the thing they need to have or want to desire. The rest will take care of it self—whether you live in Detroit or Monaco!

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