Monday, September 15, 2014

Online Media Opportunities & Resources To Promote Books

According to a study, The Huffington Post publishes 1200 pieces of new editorial content a day – or about 50 per hour (or one a minute).  Additionally, 28 blog editors curate 400 blog posts a day – or one every four minutes.  That’s a lot of content and that’s just one site. generates 373 new pieces of content daily.  BleacherReport, an online sports hub, knocks out 800 articles every 24 hours.  Get the point – there are plenty of opportunities, especially online, to generate media coverage.  What’s your plan to get it?

Here are some online resources that may help you build up your social media connections or generate more media coverage:

Tame – You’ll learn about the most shared websites, hashtags, and people mentioned on Twitter.

NewsWhip – Learn what news is trending, by location or topic.

MuckRack – Find the right person to pitch to in the media, using key words, company names, competitors, and other filters.  You get emails notifying you when journalists write on the terms or topics you want to follow.

TweetDeck – I love this more than Twitter itself.  It helps organize how you see Twitter and your connections, but most importantly, it allows you to schedule your tweets.  I now tweet all day and night without worrying about staying up late.

WeFollow – Helps you search users by interests and their “Prominence Score” (How established one is in the topic of interest).

Yerdle – This is a swapping site of unwanted things.  It has 120,000 members.  Could this be a way to trade your book for something else of value to you?

FollowerWonk – You can search Twitter bios with specific keywords.  You can analyze their followers or whom they follow.  You can also search by how a user’s social authority ranks – and you can spot where people tweet from and during what hours.

MediaGraph – It recommends who in the media should cover your story, based on geography, social networks, your industry and other factors.

BlogDash – Allows you to search specific bloggers using keywords, categories, Klout scores, gender, location, and other factors.  You can then contact them through the platform.

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