Thursday, July 30, 2015

Deceased Dr. Seuss Leads Children’s Book Parade

Dr. Seuss, though dead 24 years, has a new book out this summer – his 17th posthumously released book after 45 published titles during his prestigious career.  Theodore Seuss Geisel is one of the all-time bestselling authors.  Cumulative sales are estimated to be 650 million copies.  What Pet Should I Get?, the newest title, is sure to be a bestseller.  So what other children’s books are coming out?

Publishers Weekly published its Fall Children’s Book Preview.  Filled with one-line summaries of thousands of books, I skimmed through them and came to the realization that children’s books are filled with so many messages – to educate, to inspire, to dream, and to help us accept myriad people who are different from us.

Here’s a quick, random sampling of books that caught my eye.  Maybe you’ll find them interesting – or your kids will too:

Dear Santa, Love, Rachel Rosenstein
A Jewish girl is determined to celebrate Christmas.

Austin, Lost in America: A Geography Adventure
Austin the dog is followed through 50 states

I Love You, One to Ten
Spotlights 10 things a mother loves about her child.

Groundhog’s Dilemma
Groundhog convinces his pals he can control the weather.

Even Monsters Say Goodnight
Does a monster baby girl dare check under her bed at bedtime?

The Budgie Likes to Boogie
Offers rhymes about animals, insects, and birds.

An Icelandic girl who hates the cold discovers the warming effects of friendship.

Young Macdonald Had A Farm
Can farm animals work together to get the planting done?

The Christmas Coal Man
Santa tells the man who supplies his coal that he’s no longer giving coal to naughty kids.

I Can Roar!
This die-cut book encourages readers to mimic the sounds and actions of animals.

Books for older kids, such as teens or pre-teens, look to tackle bigger issues or more serious topics, such as these:

Nothing Left To Burn
A foster teen who falls for a fellow volunteer at a firehouse is suspected of arson.

Jillian Cade: (Fake) Paranormal Investigator
Jillian is a private investigator of paranormal phenomena – which she doesn’t believe in.

Your Voice Is All I Hear
When her schizophrenic boyfriend becomes dangerous, how far will April go to protect him?

What You Left Behind?
A teen struggles with grief, guilt, and single parenthood when his girlfriend dies after childbirth.

The Yearbook
A girl whose life is falling apart wakes up in her own room – 80 years in the past.

Fuzzy Mud
Two kids lost in the woods discover a substance with the potential to wreak havoc on the world.

Friday Barnes, Girl Detective
A mystery series about a genius detective who discovers her boarding school is a hot bed of crime.

An espionage novel set in a world where dreams are the key form of political intelligence.

The Last Kids on Earth
Kids defend themselves and their tree house against the Apocalypse.

All The Major Constellations
Andrew is drawn to his crush Laura and her fundamentalist Christian beliefs as he questions his identity and spirituality.

The most interesting book that was mentioned in this issue is one that was featured in a full-page ad, This Is Where It Ends by Maricke Nijkamp (Sourcebooks0.  It sounds like an interesting by quite disturbing book for children to read.  It’s about a fictionalized 54-minute gun-shooting siege at a school.

There certainly is an interesting selection of books for kids out there. These books will serve to inspire a new generation of reading enthusiasts and from the look of it, today’s children will grow into strong readers.

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