Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Book Marketing 103

If you are promoting a book, consider using any or all of these 103 resources:
1.      Want to know about honorary days or holidays or anniversaries that might pertain to your book?  Consult www.brownielocks.com  or Chase’s Calendar of Events.

2.      Do you want to see what book deals are being announced?  Check out www.publishersmarketplace.com/deals

3.      Want to follow someone who has four decades of book publishing and publicity experience?  Try www.twitter.com/rickfrishman

4.      International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) at www.idpf.org epub.
10 first-place winners will receive $1,000 cash. More information at www.writersdigest.com
For lists to trade shows around the country, see:

·         www.Biztradeshows.com

·         Build a targeted Twitter following: Research Twitter lists such as Mashable’s Twitter List Directory, third-party program such as TwitterAdder.

5.      For a great list of blogs, see www.blogcatalog.com

6.      Enjoy www.indieexcellence.com

7.      Connect with fellow authors at Amazon Central – Amazon Connect or Search for people/authors on www.Amazon.com/gp/pdp/search

8.      Go see www.bookmarksmagazine.com

9.      If you want to be a speaker, try www.nsaspeaker.org

10.  See www.alexa.com for site traffic numbers.

11.  See www.alltop.com for top websites in various categories.

12.  Some free PR distribution sites are:  www.prleap.com, or www.24-7pressrelease.com

13.  Amazon.com Advantage: The Amazon.com Advantage Program enables publishers tp partner with Amazon and sell their products to millions of customers with 24-hour availability. Vendors enrolled in the Amazon program place inventory in the Amazon network. Amazon handles customer fulfillment and customer services. The vendor gains access to account management, sales reports, and detail page improvements. Advantage is a consignment-based model; vendor receive payment for inventory sold to customers in the month following the date of the sale. The annual fee for the Advantage Program is $ 29.95.

14.  View where people in publishing land at www.publishingtrends.com

16.  Speaker’s bureaus worth trying include:

·         Leigh Bureau
·         Lavin Agency
·         International Speakers Bureau
·         Harry Walker Agency
·         Five Star Speakers Bureau
·         Leading Authority Speakers Bureau
·         American Program Bureau, Inc.
·         Authors Unlimited.
·         Capitol City Speakers Bureau
·         Eagles Talent Connection
·         Get Ahead Productions Speakers Bureau
·         Greater Talent Network
·         IMG Speakers
·         Keppler Speakers
·         Keynote Speakers, Inc.
·         Leading Authorities, Inc.
·         Mastermedia Speakers Bureau
·         National Speakers Bureau
·         Royce Carlton, Inc.
·         Spokespersons Plus Network LLC
·         Washington Speakers Bureau
·         World Class Speakers & Entertainers

17.  Fee-based websites that let you know which reporters are looking for specific experts for stories they are working on:  HARO, Profnet, or ReporterConnection.

18.  Find an indie bookstore at www.bookweb.org.

19.  Want to research radio stations?  Try:

·         www.radio-locator.com
·         www.radioandrecords.com
·         www.allaccess.com
·         www.apr.org/programs

20.  See an interesting media site:www.mediate.sm/power-grid

21.Amazon Affiliate. Double dip. Become an Amazon Affiliate and then when a buyer goes from your website to Amazon, you get a 7 percent cut of the sale.

22.  The Association of American Publishers:  www.Publishers.org  A trade association of publishers throughout the U.S. that covers issues relevant to all publishers as well as industry specific issues.

23.  Amazon Author Stores. Pages on Amazon are devoted to all of an author’s Works. Each Author Store includes a bibliography, and can include a biography, author photo, and discussion board.

24.  www.Authorlink.com  A publishing and writing community on the internet offering news, information, and marketing services for editors, producers, agents and readers.

25.Online Review Sites www.SelfPublishingReview.com

26.  www.Vook.com  Online books that are enhanced by videos and social media opportunities all on one platform.  Allows readers and authors to connect while creating a more interactive reading experience.

27.  www.Digitalbookworld.com  An online publishing community that features news and blogs about the latest in publishing, marketing, and the ebook application world.

28.  www.Publishingbusiness.com  A publishing business conference and expo for magazine and book publishing executives.  Explore coming challenges in the book and magazine publishing world and learn useful tips to help our company thrive.

29.  www.About-books.com  An independent company that provides professional book publishing services that are customizable to client’s needs. Helps with publishing and marketing books and conversion to eBooks.

30.  www.Squidoo.com  A free publishing platform for websites that offer users a way to develop personal interests and share those interests with others.  A credible way to build an online identity.

31.  www.Shelfari.com A social networking site for book lovers.  Create your own bookshelf of books you have read or are interested in reading and share reviews with friends.  A way to discover new books based on ratings and reviews of your friends.

32.  www.Thrillerfest.com  A four day expo in New York for all things having to do with thriller books including authors, publishers, and fans.  The site includes full details of the expo.

33.  www.BookMarketing.com  John Kremer’s online warehouse of information on book publishing, marketing, and promotion.  www.bookmarket.com.

35.   Amazon.com (Kindle and MobiPocket formats) www.Amazon.com
      Your page on Amazon. Your book’s page on Amazon can be active or passive. Here are some other ways to get more exposure on Amazon. Set up an “Amazon Connect” blog on your book’s page. Check into Listmania

36.  www.newsletteraccess.com – lists over 10,000 newsletters

37.  Book Flash.  Provides links to news releases and other publishing information.  www.bookflash.com.

38.  Book Talk is an archive of articles about publishing and links.  www.booktalk.com.

39.  Cluelass.  A network of mystery writers.  www.cluelass.com

40.  www.amarketingexpert.com  Penny C. Sanservieri

41.  Writers’ organizations:

·         The American Academy of Poets, www.poets.org.
·         American Society of Journalists & Authors (ASJA), 1501 Broadway, Suite 302, New York, NY  10036; tel (212) 997-0947; Fax (212) 768-7414.  E-mail:  asja@compuserve.com.  Has chapters around the country and an annual conference.
·         The Authors Guild, www.authorsguild.org
·         California Writers, www.calwriters.org
·         Christian Writers Guild, www.christianwritersguild.com
·         Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA), www.dwaa.org
·         Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), www.the-efa.com
·         Education Writers Association, www.ewa.org
·         Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA), www.dwaa.org
·         Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), www.the-efa.com
·         Education Writers Association, www.ewa.org
·         Horror Writers Association (HWA), www.horror.org
·         National Writers Association, www.nationalwriters.com
·         Outdoor Writers Association of America, www.owaa.com
·         Overseas Press Club of America, www.opcofamerica.org
·         Poetry Society of America, www.poetrysociety.org
·         Poets & Writers, www.pw.org

43.   www.topica.com – mailing list source

46.  www.ivaa.org  Industry Associations

48.  Trade shows to attend can be found at:  www.tradeshowweek.com and www.tsnn.com or www.expoworld.com

49.  Business authors may want to participate in events with these organizations:

·         Fast Company events                          
·         The Conference Board
·         Industry Week events                         
·         NHRA
·         Chief Executive Magazine Events      
·         IABC
·         SHRM                                                 
·         AMA
·         ACG                                                   
·         ASEA
·         EO                                                      
·         SIOD
·         YPO

50.  Digital book, imprints founded by literary agents:

·         www.beyondthepagepub.com
·         www.theroguereader.com
·         www.riverdaleavebooks.com
·         www.reputationbooksonline.com

51.  Select literary agencies that assist with self-publishing:

·         www.andreabrownlit.com
·         www.aprileberhardt.com
·         www.dystel.com
·         www.lgrliterary.com/ebooks
·         www.lizadawsonassociates.com
·         www.nladigitalbooks.com
·         www.knightagency.com

·         www.tridentmediagroup.com

52. Speaking Resources For Authors
Writers are great speakers and earn big bucks. For a list of speakers bureaus, see the Literary Market Place &  http://www.lectureagent.com/resource_guide/speakers_bureaus.html

53. Libraries  www.publiclibraries.com links to libraries throughout the United States.

54. Bookstore Directories
Barnes & Noble  www.bn.com  Locate any store in the chain here
Books-A-Million www.booksamillion.com  Locate any store in the chain here
New England Booksellers Association  www.newenglandbooks.org  Offers regional bookseller news as well as a good store locator for the region.
www.bookweb.org  Lists members of the American Booksellers. The site includes addresses and bookstore Web sites.

55. The Book Report Network

56. Connecticut Author and Publishers Association  www.aboutcapa.com  A group of publishers and self published authors, and publishers, with regular meetings and presentations.

57. Media

58. ERelease

59. See directories and search engine to find blogs that might be interested in covering your story. Leading search engines include IceRocket (www.IceRocket.com) Sphere (www.Sphere.com) GoogleBlog Search (www.blogsearch.google.com) and Yahoo! Search Blog (www.yahoosearch.tumblr.com)

60. Twilert  This service has been described as a “Google Alert for Twilert”.www.Twilert.com

61. AuthorMapper. This is a free analytical online tool for discerning trends, patterns, and subject experts within scientific research. The service searches more than three million journal articles. www.AuthorMapper.com.

62. Lulu.com
Lulu sell downloads

63. Overdrive

64. Online Listings
Below is a list of sites where you can post your book cover image, blurb, and web site link for free (you may have to register with a username and password)

65. Social networks for book readers

66. Blogs On Book Publishing
To find more blogs, do a Google search for “Blog + Books” and “Blog + (your subject)”

67. Small Press Center   www.independentpublisher.com
68. See Your Link Popularity www.linkpopularity.com

69. Free search engine optimization tools to optimize, analyze, promote and maintain your site

70. Compare your site to your competition: www.webconfs.com/similar-page-checker.php

71. Spider Simulator (find out what search engines see when they spider your site)

72. Back links with Page Rank (see who links back to your site and what their page rank is)

73. Similar page checker (do you have similar page that will ding your page ranking? Find out here):

74. New books in all genres, author interviews  www.bloggingauthors.com

75. Blog Herald  www.blogherald.com

Use Google, Yahoo, or Bloglines.com to locate blogs. For email newsletters or ezines, check out the following online directories:

ZineBook                     www.zinebook.com
Ezine Universe                        www.emailuniverse.com
Zinos                           www.zinos.com
Ezine Directory                        www.ezine-dir.com

76. Create content for the other sites: Note that these article collection sites are among the most trafficed independent sites on the web. If you want to attract more traffic to your web site, model it after one of these.

·         Article City                  www.articlecity.com
·         Article Dashboard        www.articledashboard.com
·         Article Garden                         www.softmonk.com
·         Buzzle                         www.buzzle.com
·         Go Article                    www.goarticles.com

77. Random Websites

78. Association of America Publishers  www.publishers.org

79. Directory of authors and experts on topics  www.authorsandexperts.com :

80. www.bookpublishing.com Site gives links to popular book publishing companies in the county

81. www.internetwork.com  College Radio Network homepage

82. www.questia.com  Online library of books and journals

83. www.radiopublicity.com  Website on radio publicity (mainly geared toward authors)

84. www.iasbweb.org  International Association of Speakers Bureau homepage

85. www.whorepresents.com  Website that locates who celebrities are represented by Promotion Marketing Association of America (PMAA)

86. Book Manufacturer’s Institute  www.bmibook.com

87. Children’s Book Council  www.cbcbooks.org

88. Wordtracker ( www.app.wordtracker.com) to explore which search term potential  customers might use to find you. Write a post with one of those terms as a title (example: Tax Accountants in Chicago “or “Single-Mom Resources”) you can then post reviews of books and products related to your blog’s focus.

89. John Kremer  www.bookmarket.com

90. Connecticut Author and Publishers Association  www.aboutcapa.com  A group of publishers and self-published author, and publishers. With regular meetings and presentations.

91. Media Finder  www.mediafinder.com

92. EzineSeek www.ezinearticles.com  A directory of Ezines

93. www.Writers.com Subscribe to this newsletter and stay abreast of what events are coming up in the world of writing.

94. Fundable.org  www.fundable.org  This for-profit website lets anyone raise money for any purpose, from making a movie to publishing a book.

95. National Directory of Magazines  www.mediafinder.com

96. International Assn. of Speakers Bureaus  www.iasbweb.org

97. Online News Assn.  www.journalists.org

98. Library Spot  www.libraryspot.com  An award-winning research tool with links to hundreds of library and reference sites.

99. www.findarticles.com  Search and read 3.5 million articles from more than 700 publications.

100. John Kremer of Open Horizons, editor in chief of Book Marketing Update and author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.

101. Jan and Terry Nathan, executive and assistant directors of  Publishers Marketing Association, sponsor of PMA’s Publishing University.

102. Cumulative Book Index – international directory of new books www.ebscohost.com/academic/h-w-wilson-database

103. www.mediafinder.com – find publications

All-New 2017 Book Marketing & PR Toolkit 

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