Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Networking Of Book Marketing

I may be stating the obvious, but in order to sell your writings of what you know best, you’d best work at improving who you know.  So just how do you do that?

To network with others, whether online, by phone, or in-person, you’ll need to:
·         Be inspiring and motivating to others.
·         Be helpful to others seeking to reach a goal.
·         Be interested in what others say, do, or offer.
·         Not be rude or pass judgment.
·         Reciprocate to those who give you something.
·         Act thoughtfully in deed and words.
·         Help connect people to one another.
·         Always be informed so you can talk intelligently.
·         Speak with enthusiasm.
·         Offer creative ideas to help others.
·         Display positive energy and enthusiasm.
·         Remain positive and optimistic.

Second impressions are tough to come by.  Look to make a strong first impression.  If others initially have negative feelings or doubts surrounding you, the relationship potential could be doomed.  Sometimes two personalities can clash.  There’s nothing you can do about it.  Go with the flow. Minimize being in an uncomfortable situation and focus your attention on those you feel you can impress – and who are worth impressing.

When you meet people, don’t immediately expect them to:
 Share referrals, do you favors, or instantly tell you what you need or want to know.
·         Open up to you so easily.
·         Tell you the whole truth.
·         Trust you.
·         Fully understand and appreciate everything you are sharing with them.
·         Completely understand what you are all about or where you are coming from.
·         Appreciate how intelligent, resourceful, or nice you are until you can demonstrate such things.

Developing relationships with people can have a huge pay off. Others can make valuable introductions to other key people or book buyers.  They also can offer emotional support, intelligent ideas, or share useful information and resources.  Your network has a network, which has a network and so on.  Your contacts are, by far, your biggest asset to becoming a successful writer.  Go out of your way to meet others, follow-up with your network, and to bend over backwards to help those who can help you.

Networking is not just about making more Facebook introductions.  It’s about truly befriending them.  You don’t want to just add one more person to your social media following – you want to engage them.

Everyone has preconceived notions about the world or others, whether they realize it or admit it.  It’s only natural.  When one enters into a dialogue with someone who wants to sell you something you are naturally suspicious of them.  Perhaps they got burned in the past or it’s the way they were raised. Maybe it’s just human nature that people don’t fully trust anyone selling anything.  But when you try to sell something you work out of a deficit.  You need to win them over not only to what you want to sell, but to you.  If they don’t like or trust you – or believe you know yourself – or care about them or show a good attitude, they will not deal with you.

So, going into any meeting or interaction with the hope of selling your book or services, just know that you need to address the questions, fears, misgivings, and needs that likely go unstated but never the less are very much there.

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