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Interview With Author Goran Žganec


1. What inspired you to write this book?

The Ship's life itself inspired me to write this book and motivate people to achieve their

biggest goals because I strongly believe that everything is possible if the person really wants

it. Situations that life gives you through the ´ship life´ to overcome, leave in you a rich picture

with many colors in many directions. Because of my soccer dream, I left the cruiser in 2016 together with Elizabeth from Peru (back then girlfriend, today my wife) and since 2017 we have been living in Munich, Germany. From the first day spent on the ship, during all the rich experiences and adventures until the last disembarkation, through magical Peru and a special proposal on the beautiful Machu Picchu to the current life in Germany, Goran continues to explore new places and shares his soccer passion everywhere he goes.


2. What exactly is it about and who is it written for?

How The Ship Changed My Life´ is about a temporary kind of life chosen by individuals for

one of the most amazing adventures that this life can offer us. Ship life is a life where all your

comfort zones fade away and become your strongest advantage. A place where you strengthen

the mental state of mind but also in some way rebuild your spiritual side. It´s a way of

educating yourself in the ways you will never learn from your comfortable home. Crucial

things in life that everyone should be aware of and things that open your eyes in a very wide

arc. Once you enter the ship life, you will be changed man from that point.


This book is mostly written as a guide for people who want to experience something new in

life. It is definitely for those who feel lost and see no clear direction on where to go in life.

I´m not claiming that ship life will reveal their destiny but I can guarantee that could be heck

of a great guidance. It is also strongly recommended for those who are passing many things in life, travelers, and adventurists because you never stop learning and discovering new things in life. In general, this book is intended for everyone who has a small humble wish to accomplish something huge in life, and I want to present my story as an inspirational example.


3. What do you hope readers will get out of reading your book?

The experience after experience that enriches the person is something that can’t be described

enough through the simple words on the paper. But reading those words can give the readers

at least a vision full of curiosity that feeds their imagination in the right direction through life

changes for the better. When a person imagines someone’s life from a different perspective,

that turns on the switch in his mind to become more open to the things he/she never

experienced before. It’s a life adventure. A remarkable journey.


4. How did you decide on your book’s title and cover design?

About both, I didn´t waste too much time. It came to me instantly. When I decided to write a

book about it, I knew I needed to start with simplicity. The name of the title sounded to me

very easily approachable and attractive. The cover design is a bit different story. One day

when we were enjoying hot Mexico, I felt the moment and asked for a picture in the front of

the ship. My intuition was very strong and loud, as I knew I would need that particular picture

for something big and special in the near future.


5. What advice or words of wisdom do you have for fellow writers – other than


Since this is my first published book, I don´t consider myself a professional writer yet, so my

advice is simple but direct. Just ´go through the flow´. Don´t confuse the reader with too

much information. Be natural and all good things will come from it. The audience will

recognize your honesty and hard work. Work on yourself, but the final version of you always

needs to be natural.


6. What trends in the book world do you see -- and where do you think the book

publishing industry is heading? 

To be honest, I don´t worry about it. I´m not stressing myself with such things. Yes, I wish for

my book to reach wide success but If my priority of writing this book were financial profit, I

don´t believe I would find so good words for this book. My intention came from the heart

with the main purpose of trying to open people's eyes more to certain things. To guide them, to help them, to become a spark of hope for them. If you want to achieve your dream, start with helping others achieve their first.


7. Were there experiences in your personal life or career that came in handy when

writing this book? 

Well, most of my life experiences came from a ship life so there I´m putting all focus. This

book would never have been created if I never stepped on the ship. For me that ´sailor step´

was crucial for my life to see things differently and do things differently as well.


8. How would you describe your writing style? Which writers or books is your

writing similar to?

I would really not know the answer to that one. The only that comes to my mind is to say –

natural style.


9. What challenges did you overcome in the writing of this book?

The only challenge was an available time of dedication to this book. Between working,

training soccer, and writing the book was difficult, but when COVID-19 appeared with

lockdowns around the world, I used that as a perfect opportunity to finish the book that I´m so

proud of it.


10. If people can buy or read one book this week or month, why should it be yours?

That really depends on their own ambitions in life, and which direction they choose. My book

can give them different points of view on certain things and with that maybe create better

habits of thinking. So, my final message to them is: If there is something born in your heart that wishes to be accomplished, don’t be afraid to take the first steps. Don’t ever be afraid or allow yourself to be distracted by your current circumstances.


Your life was given to you with a strong reason. You need to wake up and open your eyes,

change, and build a different mindset because staying the same person with the same habits,

same wisdom, and same lifestyle is not what life is about. Push yourself outside of that

comfort zone and be amazed by how much and with what things life will bless you.


You need to follow what you feel because your world depends on your own imagination.

Seek for everything that will enrich your wisdom and your life will be grateful to you because

of it. Your life will reward you with a dream you had wished to accomplish for so long.


About The Author: He was born (1989) and raised in Croatia. At the age of 23, seeking life adventures, he went to work on a cruise ship where he had difficult but also most valuable experiences. Due to his soccer dream persuasion, he left the cruiser in 2016 and moved to Germany. All those adventures inspired him to write this book and motivate people to achieve their goals and dreams. He continues to travel the world and hunt for every opportunity and experience that enriches him even more. How the Ship Changed My Life is his first book. For more info, please see:

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