Sunday, January 1, 2012

Marketing For A Happy New Year

BookMarketingBuzzBlog wishes everyone a happy, healthy and fulfilling new year. May 2012 bring you joy, success, and strength. No doubt there will be new challenges and opportunities that will arise today, tomorrow, and beyond. But with a grounded sense of what you are doing and a feeling of purpose driving your thoughts and actions, you will likely experience a level of achievement.

It all starts with having a goal, a game plan to reach it, and the inner fortitude, drive, conviction, confidence and courage to persevere against all odds, setbacks, fears, shortcomings, losses and roadblocks. When you can find a happy-go-lucky approach and put yourself in the frame of mind that you have nothing to lose, you will prosper. The No. 1 impediment to success is not outside conditions – the economy, competition, weather, family, politics – but your inner conditions – your frame of mind, your convictions and drive, and your emotional state. If you control what you can control you will be able to overcome the things that are not in your control.

Your ideas, skills, connections, finances, experiences and health will be factors as well. But focus squarely on your deeply-rooted passions and the rest will flow from there.

Call it inspirational marketing or marketing mojo. Whatever it is, it is a state of mind that leads to a state of being. Marketing a book takes savvy, time and resources - -and luck, no doubt, but all of it is founded on your heart – your ability to strive in the face of the unknown, of adversity, of setbacks, of potholes.

Interestingly, marketing seems both unlimited in its potential to catapult a person, product, a service, an idea, a book, and yet collectively, there are limits here. We all cannot market a book successfully – we’re competing against one another and there is a finite amount of consumers with a budget of time and money available to consume books. But, still, there is room for growth and more authors can become more successful in 2012 simply by getting their marketing mojo in gear.

Keep at it and do your best. I am certain that you will find the new year to be a wonderful time to market and promote your book with success. Dig in and be ready to battle your doubts, your fears, and the negative whispers of those closest to you. Marketing a book is not rocket science but sometimes you may feel you need to go to the moon and back in order to take the right foot forward. Start today. It can be an amazing journey.

Here’s to 2012!

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