Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PR Platform For Debut Authors

1. Don’t spend a penny advertising your book in a publication or online. But contact the editors at the publications, blogs, and web sites that you want to advertise in. Editorial coverage trumps the influence of  an ad – and costs nothing!

2.      Don’t bother creating a book trailer unless it’s short, amazingly funny, visually arresting, or highlights something newsworthy.

3.      Don’t look to hold a bunch of book parties unless you have friends and family who want to host them in a cost-effective way.

4.      Begin promoting yourself before your book’s publication date.  You always want to brand yourself and build up a following.  Blog, tweet, network.  Don’t ever stop.

5.      Book signings, book giveaways, and book reviews are important but what is most important is getting off-the-book-page features in magazines and newspapers, building a buzz with dozens of radio interviews, guest-blogging often and securing a major TV interview.

6.      The success of an author depends, in the end, on how good the book is.  Is it well-written and interesting?  Is it filled with new or needed info, if non-fiction. Is it on a timely subject, or is it creative, captivating, and engaging if a novel?  If the book really is special; you just need an initial boost to find enough readers who will read it, embrace it, and share it with others.  Word-of-mouth definitely works.  So find a way to get it into the hands of loudmouths, yentas, and those who are popular and influential online or in the real world.

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