Sunday, January 15, 2012

Things I’m Waiting For

  • A new bookstore chain to open
  • Books in 4D
  • A publisher to excel at publishing mainstream poetry
  • Books to get published as magazines
  • A government bailout for book publishing
  • For book publishers to turn their back on Amazon
  • For Barnes & Noble to get its freaking act together
  • Publishers to brand themselves better
  • Jon Stewart’s next book
  • The presidential election to conclude
  • The stock market to cross 13000 and for gold to tank
  • Larry King to come back to replace Piers Morgan
  • Starbucks to publish books
  • Amazon to open stores
  • Colleges to stop raising tuition at double and triple the inflation rate
  • People to say the movie was actually better than the book.
  • O.J. to admit he did  it --  on pay per view.
  • Alternative fuel sources to go into mass production.
  • Peace on Earth.
  • The Mets to win a World Series
  • All reality shows to go off the air – except for Jersey Shore

You’re Competing With Free Or Used Books

The main challenge facing anyone marketing a book today is that the marketplace is crowded, not just with new books that are heavily discounted but with long backlists of cheap paperbacks as well as used books, books re-sold on E-bay, libraries, and authors giving their books away for free.

Check these sites out and see what I mean: – searches the Web for the cheapest price of any book title.  – tens of thousands of books are available for free downloads. or – swap a book for just the cost of postage.

The Paradise Shops – allows travelers to return books to more than 500 shops at 70 U.S. airports and hotels and receive 50% of the purchase price back. – this retail site charges $10/month and you receive two books at a time with free shipping both ways.

Hungry For Book Statistics?

Book Industry Study Group

American Bookselling Association

Bowker’s Industry Statistics

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