Sunday, July 1, 2012

Newsweek Highlights Top 100 Internetovators

Okay, I made up the word Internetovators (Internet + innovators), but I was inspired after reading the July 2 Newsweek edition that identified the top online figures, movers, and shakers.

I found the top 10 visionaries list of most interest. Though it named the founders of well-known brands – Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Pinterest, it also featured a few lesser-knowns, such as Path, Airbnb, and SpaceX.

Some other interesting people/sites in the article include:

·        Nick Denton, Gawker Founder
·        Jonah Perotti, BuzzFeed CEO
·        Chris Pook, 4chan Co-Founder
·        Yancey Stickler, Kickstarter Co-Founder
·        Ethan Zuckerman, Center for Civic Media Director
·        Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Co-Founder
·        Robert Wright, Bloggingheads.TV Founder

The article identified key opinion-makers, evangelists, and investors – and others such as virologists (those who make things go viral). It is mind-boggling to look at the list of impressive success stories. I think I would feel better if they also featured a list of 100 colossal online failures.

People are misled into thinking the digital gold rush will come to them if they have a catchy idea and an investor. Most small businesses fail within a few years of their launch. But, there are many winners out there and if you hope to be one of them you might benefit from reading about these 100 Internovators.

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