Thursday, October 25, 2012

Taking Control Of Your Email Inbox

I worked until 8 o’clock the other night, mainly spending the last few hours doing one task:  cleaning out my email inbox.

I never felt better.

There is something cleansing about purging your inbox.  Every time I see the number of emails climb and the incoming ones outpace my human capacity to get to them, I feel an added bit of stress.  But, when I really looked at the hundreds of emails that needed to be addressed, I found that most of them had already been read and to a degree tended to, yet they occupied my visual real estate.

I stare at my computer screen all day and let these emails intimidate me.  They scream for attention but I’m too busy serving my clients, helping authors, managing PR campaigns, strategizing, coaching, and doing all of the things today’s modern book marketer does.  But those emails needed resolution.  Some got deleted.  Many just needed to be filed away for future reference.  A few needed an action to be taken.

Of course, once you go through the process of clearing out your inbox you are likely to do one of two things: keep up the good work and remain vigilant -- at least in the following days -- to make sure you remain in control of the inbox monster OR you feel so good in having cleared out your inbox that you think you bought yourself a few days of screwing off. But then, in no time, you’re back to having hundreds of emails warehousing in your computer.

Seizing the inbox is a bit like trying to go on a diet and win the weight battle.  Sadly, America is obese -- and so is our inbox!


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