Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Super Bowl Reminds Us Of Why We Love Sports

Sports has taken a black eye of late. First, the Baseball Hall of Fame announced no one was entering its sacred corridors after this year’s election produced great doubt over whether the players of a generation used steroids across the board. Unfortunately some deserving and honest players were smeared by the tarnished accomplishments of others.

Then cyclist and seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong inks a deal to confess to Oprah about being a liar, cheater, and fraud.

Next, college stud Manti Te’ o of the Fighting Irish claims his dead girlfriend story was a hoax – and that he was the victim.

But now we have a story that reminds us of why we root for sports teams in the first place.

The Super Bowl in two weeks will feature many interesting stories. The head coaches of the opposing teams are brothers. Plus the teams playing for all the glory this year were runner-ups last year. The Baltimore Ravens lost the AFC title game a year ago and the San Francisco 49ers fell to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Giants in last season’s NFC title game.

Our athletic gladiators can disappoint us - -but it is supposed to be for what they do on the field and not off of it. When money, drugs, DUI, spousal abuse, steroids, and other societal flaws enter into the picture and interfere with the fans’ enjoyment of their sports, disgust and frustration settle in. But we, the fans, are as resilient as the teams and players that we root for. We persevere so that we can see our stars do battle another day.

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