Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Make 2013 A Year Of Change

Over the years, the things that have surprised me most is how bad situations can get turned around. For instance, I never thought New York City would reduce crime to the point the murder rate would drop a whopping 80% from its ugliest in 1991, when 2245 murders took place, to just 420 in 2012.

I also was surprised to see certain neighborhoods transformed, such as the Disneyfication of Times Square. What used to be the Red Light District is now a family-friendly tourist haven.

But I guess it should not be a surprise that some things, if given the proper resources, can change and be transformed for the better. From war, comes peace, and from recessions come wild growth spurts. It is just when you are in the middle of the bad times that you feel like things are spiraling out of control. But it is never too late to turn things around.

Many businesses have gone from filing for bankruptcy to flourishing financially. Teams who finished in last place one year come back the next year to go deep into the playoffs. People who were 50 pounds overweight find a way to lose it. Addicts give up booze, smoking, drugs, and gambling. Nothing has to be the way it’s been. You can make a better life for yourself.

So, as 2013 has arrived, I want to remind you that yesterday’s shortfalls are forgotten. Wipe the slate clean. Clear your mind, mentally, of all that holds you back. Give yourself permission to try to reach your dreams and goals, to change habits, to find new roads, to be different, and to experience new people, places, and things.

I resolve one thing for the new year: To change my ways in a manner that yields new results. I want to being a fresh approach to life. Every step of the way, I am putting everything up for grabs. I don’t want to have to hold onto anything that holds me back. I am unburdening and letting myself be open to new paths. I look forward to where they may take me.

I hope you enjoy your new journey. May 2013 be a special year for us all.


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