Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How To Make & Influence Friends On Twitter

Twitter just turned eight years old.  With over 500 million tweets posted daily, how does one hope to break through the clutter and make meaningful connections?

First, think about who you want to be online and on Twitter.  Are you posting personal information for the fun of it?  (Just went to the #Knicks game – they are on a #playoff push).  Is it to boost your career?  (#Worked an 11-hour day to ensure new #product launch went well) Are you promoting or selling something like a book? (Please #read my new #book, Confessions of a #Crazy Book #Publicist). Make sure your tweets are consistent with the voice and content that you share on your social media site and make sure they are focused to meet your objective – promote your brand, sell  books, help others.

Second, determine how much time daily and weekly you will devote to Twitter.  This time can be used to post tweets, respond to tweets, survey what’s being posted, network through direct tweets, and to research people you want to contact and connect with.

Third, think about what content your tweets will focus on.  Will you tweet links to your blog, website, and FB page?  Will your tweets comment on other tweets?  Will you react to industry news and news of the day?  Will you tweet statements or questions? Will you tweet images or words?

Fourth, determine what types of people you want to connect with on Twitter.  Let’s say you wrote a diet book.  You would want to connect with other experts and authors, as well as the media, and of course those interested in your topic who may buy the book.  Make a list of words you’d like to search so that you can find people that match your needs.  For instance, “nutritionists” or “wellness facilities” or “medical practices” or “health magazine reporters” would be good search terms.

Fifth, similar to number four, think of the hashtags (#) you want to use for your tweets.  Use them daily.  You can also search under these hashtags to learn what’s been posted on the subject and by whom.

Your list may include the following:

·         #Diet
·         #Diets
·         #Dieter
·         #Dieters
·         #Dieting
·         #Weight
·         #WeightLoss
·         #Health
·         #Healthy
·         #Healthiest
·         #Healthier
·         #Medical
·         #Wellness
·         #Holistic
·         #Exercise
·         #Exercising
·         #Workout
·         #Gym
·         #GymRat
·         #HealthNut
·         #Fit
·         #InShape
·         #Fitness
·         #Fitness
·         #HotBody
·         #HardBody
·         #Nutrition
·         #Nutritionist
·         #Nutritionists
·         #Doctor
·         #Doctors
·         #Vegan
·         #Vegetarian
·         #Vegetarians

The list could go on and on, especially when you factor in specific topics and themes from your book.

For additional tips on using twitter to promote and market your book and brand, feel free to click on this Twitter Toolkit For Writers & Publicists: Book Marketing Twitter Toolkit


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