Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why It Pays To Pen Books

Writers often make money because of their book- but not from it. Yes, the not-so-secret truth is that the vast majority of authors make money, not from book sales, but from the boost a book brings to their credentials. The book becomes the calling card and as a result, other income streams develop.

For instance, if you are a consultant, having a new book can net you PR, which in turn, gets you more business. Further, people perceive you differently once you have a book. They now will pay you more for the same service you previously rendered.

Books are great for netting speaking engagements. You may earn a fee for these speeches and/or have an outlet to sell books, but more importantly, it builds your brand and adds to your resume. Further, you will benefit from networking at the events you speak at, leading to more business.

For novelists, a book can lead to more deals. You’d be surprised to learn how many books are optioned to Hollywood and never get made.

Books are great ways to get the attention of the news media. Whereas the local newspaper or TV station may ignore you as a consultant, all of a sudden a book allows you to sell ideas and position you as an expert.

There are many, many ways to cash in from having a book but writers mistakenly think it is from book sales. That may be one of the least effective ways to earn money.

Of course, many write books because they feel implored to do so. They have something they want to share with others. It’s a gift to write and to be able to influence the minds, hearts, and souls of others. Perhaps that is your biggest pay-off! 

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