Friday, March 14, 2014

Profitable Mobile Lessons For Authors From Non-Profits

In a new book, Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Non-Profits by Heather Mansfield (McGraw-Hill), there’s solid advice and guidance on what one needs to know in order to conceptually build and maintain a mobile and social fundraising strategy to greatly increase donations. But I found chapter three, Using Mobile and Social Networks to Distribute Content, to be quite applicable to authors and book publishers.

The chapter opens up with a powerful statement that every writers need to really understand:

“The Internet is at a tipping point. It is estimated that by late 2014 or early 2015, the majority of adults will get their information from social networks rather than search engines, and that social networks will become the primary source of referral traffic to your Website and blog.”

The author lists the following 9 best practices as it relates to social media:

1.      Prioritize storytelling over marketing. “The five content approaches of success, urgency, statistics, quotes, and humor should be interwoven throughout your social network strategy.”

2.      Novels inspire higher interaction and engagement rates. “This reflects a seismic shift away from text to visual content…you absolutely must have photo-editing skills and a digital image library to work with.”

3.      Engage authentically. “Building a strong personal brand requires “being human on social networks…focus more on becoming an expert resource and a compelling storyteller.”

4.      Do not automate content between social networks. “Be very wary of miracle marketing automation tools. Mobile and social media require authenticity and a time investment to be effective.”

5.      Be a content creator. “Regularly getting in the habit of searching, sourcing, and posting, thus creating interesting content to your social networks is a must-have skill.”

6.      Tap into breaking news and current affairs. “Be ready to respond to breaking news and current affairs. Some of you highest interaction and engagement rates will occur when you create and distribute content that is timely and relevant to news stories that are going viral.”

7.      All social networks are mobile. “Studying how your content is displayed on social networks on mobile devices will further eliminate how visuals often work best on both PCs and mobile devices, and this highly impacts your content strategy.”

8.      Content frequency is dependent upon capacity. “There are negative consequences to posting too often.”

9.      Professional graphic design is essential for effective branding. “Internet users have become highly advanced and now expect quality graphic design in all your online communications.”

Some may say promoting a book is similar to promoting a nonprofit -- both represent ideas and both don’t bring in a lot of money. But if you use mobile social media wisely, you’ll tap into the heart of the marketplace.


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