Thursday, September 17, 2015

An interview with a golf expert and author

Meet Kalliope Barlis

1.      What inspired you to morn a pair of books on golf? I was inspired to write two books on golf because it is of value for golfers to learn skills that upgrade their brain, not just their equipment. The first book goes into detail about how to use brain exercises that enhance your senses to improve your game as well as some scientific proof why it works. I give step by step instructions to specific brain exercises that improve your game just by thinking about it. It's not just about visualizing, it's also about hearing great shots and sensing what they feel like too. The second part of the book discusses how to practice in order to improve because so many people practice for years without getting better. The last part is what to focus on while playing, the target. As a whole and in parts there is no other book like it that will improve a golfer’s game while they're reading it and while applying what they learn. The second book is a handbook that is designed to be kept inside the golf bag for quick reference and does include new material.  

2.      What challenges did you overcome to write them? Writing my first book was like giving birth. It was very exciting when I conceived the foundation elements.  Then I had to fill in the rest and write and write until it all came together so that it published, giving birth to something new for the world to discover. The challenges I overcame to write them was finding scientific evidence to support the powerful nature of our imagination and how it can actually make golfers golf better. Eventually, I found the information needed.  

3.      What do you say about golf that other books by pros have not? There is a lot that I say in my book that other pros do not.  First, I give a step by step instruction about how to use your brain, how to practice in order to improve and then letting go of it all to play your best to focus on the target. Golf is a target game. The more vivid the target is in your mind, the more you will score less.  

4.      Can golf really be mastered? Nothing can be mastered fully.  That's the pleasure in seeking mastery because mastery is always in practice and the more you practice the more you learn the more you score less.  Those who are considered masters in their field do recognize that there is always something more to do with what you have and they spend time learning the next steps. The moment someone forgets this is the moment they continue mastering their mastery.  

5.      What do you love or hate about the game? I love golf because it is a test of so many elements of our character. For instance, can you let go of a bad moment in golf? Can you remain confident in lieu of a poor outcome? Can you make others feel good even when you win? The character of a person is defined nobly by some of these responses to these questions.  What I hate about it is when people take it too seriously and allow their game to be treated like a stats and standings. Golf is an art no matter what level you play and as long as you are playing your best, you are playing your best.

6.     As a woman, are you seeing more women play golf and playing better than a generation ago? Many more women are playing golf and the level of play has improved dramatically. Professionally, There are more women competing for first place. There are many more weekend woman golfers who have greater accuracy and keep a game going. As always, women's skills are highly skilled because their technique is what gets them scoring less, not brute strength.


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