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12 Things Writers Fear But Can Overcome

Writers, generally speaking, have strong convictions, wild imaginations, and creative ideas.  But they lack the ability to close the door on their fears, insecurities, and late-at-night concerns.  They can let things needle them, sometimes letting the stress and pressures of being a writer get to them.  Here are a dozen things many writers fear – and how to put such worries into perspective so they don’t cripple their efforts to write, pursue publication, seek out publicity, and market their life’s work:

1.      Fear of Rejection
Most people will reject, ignore or dismiss your book for any reason.  You just need a few yesses – from a literary agent, then a publisher, then from book buyers.  Remember, even if you sell 3.2 million copies of a book, 99% of America rejected it.

2.      Fear of Criticism
Many writers have a big ego but nothing deflates you like a bad review.  Expect bad reviews.  Not everyone will like everything you write.  Learn from the critics or dismiss them, but don’t obsesses over a fear of getting a few bad reviews when the vast majority may turn out positive.

3.      Fear of Success
Yes, some believe success will come to them and at too fast of a pace that they won’t be able to handle it.  News flash: You would be lucky to have such a problem. Success will come when it chooses – and from when you work hard, smart, and purposely.  Go with the flow and grow with whatever success you achieve.

4.      Fear of Not Having Time to Write
Make the time.  I don’t care if you get up early, stay up late, steal time from your lunch break, cut down on watching TV, or whatever, but real writers find the time.  Even if you write two pages a day, you have a book in less than four months.

5.      Fear of Lacking Time or Ability to Market A Book
This fear is real because you’ll never have enough time to properly market a book, assuming you know how to go about doing it.  The solution is that you do what you can and make a real effort to support your writing.  Then leave the rest to a professional book promoter.

6.      Fear of Not Being Recognized By Awards
There’s nothing to fear.  Apply for the awards and see what happens.  There are many awards out there.  Find ones that are relevant and where you can be competitive.  If you write plenty of books and submit each one to many awards, you have a chance of placing high in some.

7.      Fear of Your Writing Not Changing The Lives of Your Reader
Every book can impact a life, perhaps many lives, just by being informative, inspiring, enlightening or entertaining.  Writers contribute to the world in so many ways, on so many levels.  We may never truly understand or come to realize our impact on others, but rest assured, good books change lives.

8.      Fear That Your Best Book Is Behind You
Writers aren’t athletes who peak at a young age.  In fact, writers do better with age, accumulating experiences, and formulating full, informed views.  Your best work is always yet to come.

9.      Fear of Old Age Stealing a Chance To Write One More Great Book
As we age we realize arthritis, bad backs, eye strain, and other ailments settle in.  Physically, tomorrow will not be as good as today, so let that urgency fuel your writing now.  Don’t wait to write the greatest book as an octogenarian, though writing at any age can be rewarding.

10.  Fear You’ll Recognize Other Books Are Better Than Yours
Someone always has a better, bigger, faster, whatever, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t better than many or most.  Who cares about the competition?  Write what you know, do your best, and have fun with it.  Put your work out there and let the masses determine your fate.

11.  Fear That People Will Stop Buying Books
It’s natural to be concerned about the future of books, considering how much free content is out there, but so far, with all of the competition for a reader’s wallet or time, people continue to spend more on books than they did a year ago.  The book world will be here for many years to come.

12.  Fear That You Wasted Your Time Writing About Life, Not Living It
Nonsense.  Writing is living.  Writers supplement reality with fantasy, philosophy, and selectively focusing on the lives of others.  Writing and living are not mutually exclusive – you can live life fully and enjoy being a writer.

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