Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Romancing The Touch Of Books

A woman next to me on the train coming into the city was engulfed in her book.  It was a brand new hardcover copy of women’s rights champion Gloria Steinem’s latest book, My Life on the Road.  The woman looked to be old enough to have lived through the late 60’s and 70’s, a time when the movement for women’s rights had massive, popular appeal.

I was happy to see someone reading a book.  Four people to my left filled their commute reading newspapers and a phone.  Others around me did the same, many on a device of choice.  I couldn’t help but notice the woman was reading a freshly minted copy and not one from the library.  I love to see people still want to get books as soon as they come out and to buy the hardcover version vs. lesser expensive formats.

Book publishing is an interesting experiment.  All kinds of people prefer all kinds of formats.  Some only live by paper while others swear only by digital.  Some like to listen to a book while others choose not to read a single book all year.

People will read what others recommend to them, from reviews to friends to book clubs, while other readers ignore the recommendations of others and pursue books of their choice.

Many times, people discover or stumble upon a book, rather than seeking out a specific title.  Readers want to be surprised.

Some readers need to – or prefer to – shop for used books or get them for free at the public library.  There are millions of books out there, so for many it doesn’t matter when a book was published – it’s new to them!

But that new book smell, like the scent of a beautiful woman, the first day of spring, a new car, or Mom’s home cooking is just something that can’t be duplicated elsewhere.  I love opening a book as its first owner and reader.

I also like finding old books that reflect a world that no longer is.  The tattered covers and a musty smell to the book’s pages put the reader in a mindset that welcomes the past as if it were unfolding right now.

I went shopping the other day for a piece of furniture for my dining room and while walking through floors and floors of flowing showrooms, I came across a number of beautiful wooden bookcases, some of which cost thousands of dollars.  I wasn’t looking for one, but the bookcase has a way of seducing you.  These bookcases were empty, waiting to be filled with a lifetime of knowledge, just as readers wait for the next book to consume.  The bookcases – and the books that will fill them – will come in all sizes, shapes, ages, genres, and price points.  

The book is art, it’s furniture, it’s functional, and it’s purposeful.  Whatever way you like to consume your book, enjoy it and share it.  Let it touch you, from your heart, mind, and soul to your five senses.  

I love you, books!

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