Thursday, December 10, 2015

Interview With Author Renee Starr

Author of You Are Woman, You Are Divine

1.      What is your book about? Women today are out of balance. Today’s feminine imbalance is the result of generations of women living in a patriarchal society and striving to be treated and recognized in the same way as men. In their attempt to become equalized, many women have minimized their feminine essence and maximized their masculine.

To restore balance, I've written a book called You Are Woman, You Are Divine, which reconnects women with their ancient Goddess roots, reminding them that they are sacred, special, and divine. The book utilizes seven powerful myths from many cultures of the world—Egypt, Greece, India, Tibet, the Lakota, and the creation myths of the Judeo-Christian Bible. Each myth centers on a goddess archetype whose story symbolizes for the modern woman a key essence she innately has. Together, the myths reconnect women to their Power, Creativity, Stillness, Passion, Voice, Wisdom, and Awakening.

For centuries women have been told to suppress the part of them that is goddess-like, the part of their feminine psyche that is wild, powerful, creative, free, and wise. My book offers permission to experience this again.

By exploring our ancient, feminine, mythic heritage, and by cultivating a fresh, new relationship with The Divine Feminine essence, women today can begin the journey of reclaiming their specialness and of experiencing themselves differently, and more sacredly. If a woman today can recognize how like The Goddess she is, she empowers herself, inspires other women, and helps to rebalance the feminine and masculine essences of the world.

2.      Who should be reading it now? You Are Woman, You Are Divine is written for modern women of every age. The myths and rituals contained in the book will inspire and help the young woman who is searching to find her way in the world; the adult woman who is managing the many roles of partner/wife, mother, and business owner, worker, or executive; and the elder wise woman who longs to feel honored.

The book is a treasury of feminine inspiration and guidance for mothers to share with their daughters, for sisters and friends to read together, and for women everywhere to make deeper connections with other women by forming Goddess Circles.

The chapters are full of rituals that women can perform to connect to themselves to being a goddess on earth, including sacred bathing, candle lighting, creating an altar for a special goddess, journaling and many other activities.

3.      What message do you want readers left with? The return of The Divine Feminine into our lives marks the return of The Great Goddess into the world. The Goddess recognizes that women are divine by birth and asks that we embody this truth. Lacking this awareness, women have learned to fear and reject themselves and their bodies—seeing imperfection where there should only be the beauty and uniqueness of our sacred female form.

The Goddess speaks to you of your divinity. She invites you to recognize the magnificence of your body, to be present to the power and depth of your love, and to see yourself as a goddess.

The time has come, right now, for you to know that being a woman is special, sacred, and divine. You are more than you think you are. So much more.

You are a spectacular creature and you are beautifully built. You have been specifically designed to be a creatress, the bearer of our species, and to be powerful in the most feminine of ways. You carry within the space of your womb the Light of the world, which you birth anew every morning when you open your eyes. Your very existence makes the world lovelier.

You are woman; your body is sacred and your essence is Divine.

4.      Why did you write this book? I did not receive knowledge of the Divine Feminine from my mother. She did not receive it from her mother. Being a female was not special in the home of my childhood and I did not think of myself as sacred.

I remember how, as a young girl, I loved reading the stories of women who were special in some way. Without yet realizing that I was searching for the Divine Feminine, I read goddess mythology, biblical stories and faery tales that depicted women as magical and intuitive, as having special powers of prophecy, healing, and knowing. I daydreamed that I, too, was special at my core— that as a woman, I am a special being. I have been in search of confirming this feeling my entire life.

My longing for a deeper sense of self has led me to explore many different paths, hoping to move myself closer to the Truth, the Absolute, to God—especially to the Feminine aspect of God. My journey in search of spirituality has taken me through many traditions, introducing me to many rituals and ways of connecting with Spirit, and especially to experiencing the Divine Feminine essence. Today, my journey with the Divine Feminine is not over, but my search to find her is.

I have discovered that she is everywhere that I go and everything that I am. Women are naturally designed to know Her, be Her, and express Her. My book shares this experience with women, and I hope to inspire them to begin their own journey back to The Goddess.

5.      Will readers find The Goddess within themselves after reading your book? I believe that whenever a woman is loving herself, respecting herself, and seeing herself as a sacred, divine being—then she is being a goddess on earth. If all a woman ever does is simply read the goddess stories that I have written, and if she only ever sees herself in a just few of them—that would be more than enough to awaken her to herself, and to start her on the journey back to The Goddess.

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