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Interview With Author Will Schneider

Author of Lucifer's Game

1.      Where did the book come from? Lucifer’s Game came bubbling up out of my imagination when the confluence of two rivers of thought merged together. First, I’m at a place in my life where I began to feel the urge to offer something back to the world.  My view is that we all, everyone, has something to offer and we need to collectively, ‘step up’, beginning with myself.  So, after some serious mulling, I decided to use my gift of writing as the vehicle for my offering.

My idea was to craft a tale that would, simultaneously, have two levels to it.  On the surface would be an engaging and entertaining story that would pull the reader along on a fun and interesting journey. But for those so attuned, there would be a far deeper metaphysical message embedded and woven into the fabric of the story; a point of view I feel is crucial to the ‘balancing out’ of one’s inner world.  

2.      What is it you’re trying to tell us? This story is essentially about the ‘light’ and the ‘shadow’ within us, and it’s based upon decades of my own spiritual explorations.  Jackson, the central character, delves into the reality that our human consciousness has a ‘vertical’ quality; i.e. in any given moment I can be more’ awake’, more ‘present’, or conversely, more immersed in a kind of ‘waking sleep’.  So then, how to ‘snap out of it’ and bring in more ‘light’?  

At the same time, Lucifer is the champion, the caretaker of all the parts of ourselves that we disown, reject and push down into the Shadowland of our psyche; out of sight, perhaps, but not out of our psyche! ‘Putting us in the trance of a ‘waking sleep’ is in his best interest.  So, in this tale, the ‘light’ and the ‘shadow’ dialog in a kind of ‘’thrust-and-parry’.  

Eventually, the solution to these two diametrically opposing realms is revealed. By holding the Light and the Shadow in a kind of balance, one can bring about a state of inner equanimity, which can lead one through the Shadowland and on to true spiritual Wholeness. By passing through the Shadow world, not avoiding it, one can truly arrive at a more expanded, integrated consciousness.

3.      How challenging was it to write this book? I have to say it never felt like ‘work’, because I have so thoroughly enjoyed the process of generating this novel, but it certainly had its challenges. How so? Firstly, my tale is primarily a dialog, which is tricky.  How to keep the pace of a conversation; to have it sounding natural, witty and deeply engaging? Then, in order to actualize this flow, I had to crawl into the skin of two completely opposite characters, not the least of whom was the Lucifer of my own creation!  

Very important to me, and perhaps the most challenging, was to present, in an elegantly interesting way, important knowledge for the open-minded reader to consider, without having a whiff of being annoyingly ‘preachy’.

4.      Why is Lucifer’s Game described as a cross between a metaphysical thriller and a self-help book? This story takes place on a Hawaiian island over the course of an entire day.  Yes, it’s an on-going dialog but Lucifer and Jackson are constantly rotating from one intriguing environment to the next. Part of the ‘game’ Lucifer is playing out with Jackson is to ‘reel him in’ by seducing him with what Jackson’s buried ‘shadow self’ is really craving for…power!

Consequently, as the tension builds, Jackson finds himself thrust into a variety of carefully orchestrated experiences which challenge all his values; indeed, who he takes himself to be. Lucifer is one slippery and wily character. Just when Jackson thinks he has a bead on him…things change.  Surprising plot twists abound.

At the same time, all that Jackson is going through is being revealed to the reader.  As a result, real metaphysical knowledge is being imparted but in an emotionally absorbing fashion.  Self-help? It’s all there for those who are interested.

5.      What are three things readers should love about this book? First and foremost, Lucifer’s Game is a novel.  As such, it’s penned to be a fun, surprising and beguiling ride, start to finish.  The reader gets a ‘ringside seat’ to observe a fairly evolved man trying desperately to match wits with Lucifer, himself! The book allows one to imagine how they, themselves, might handle this situation; learning about Lucifer’s Game, the ‘hooks’ he has into humanity, and begs the question: ‘”In my own life, am I playing…or being played?”  

Secondly, in this story, Lucifer is not the ‘Evil One’ of religious overtones. He’s simply the champion of our unconscious Shadow side.  Oh, to be sure, he is a bombastic trickster and utterly manipulative, but he’s also funny as…well…hell, which provides a far more compelling twist on this infamous character.

Lastly, the underlying message is grounded in a realistic, yet positive, messaging.  On one hand, we all have the capacity to be far more ‘awake’ in any given moment. And with this developing ‘light’, we can gently bring forward a compassionate space for those traits that we have rejected and disowned within our own nature.

My aim is to leave the reader with a sense of curiosity; possibly even motivated to personal inquiry; to shine a light within their own inner landscape.  It’s a tale designed to be provocative, which, to many, will set it apart.

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